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Pairing: Jay James/Padge, Moose
Rating: NC-17
POV: Padge
Notes: I hope I've got the bits of Welsh right. The second fic done at Mikey's.

I pushed Jay roughly against the wall of the tour bus, covering his lips with mine and stuffing my hand into his boxers. I groped his thick cock and balls with my fingers, making him moan softly into my mouth. I'd wanted him the entire gig and I'd spent most of the time hard. My arousal became most prominant whenever we were close to each other, which had been quite often. His tongue stud brushed against my soft flesh as kissed hungrily. My free hand roamed over his bare, inked flesh as I pressed against him. My boner twitched, his owwn hands tugging my three quarters off. I shook my hips slightly, the action causing them to drop to the floor. Unlike him I wore no underwear, so my cock sprung free right away. His fingers stroked the sides of my prick lightly, his touch gentler then my own on his.

I heard a soft sound from one of the bunks, guessing it was Moose having his post-show wank, watching us to aid getting him off. Matt was most likely still in the venue's dressing room, spreading shit over himself or whatever the fuck he did after a gig. I pushed Jay's stained boxers down, gravity taking over once they were past his pretty thighs. As soon as the dar material was around his ankles I pressed my cockagainst his.If I'd looked down I'd see the comparison between our cock sizes clearly due to our closeness. As it was, I'd seen that sight enough times not consider it, just needing to spill my load. There was another sound from the bunk's, this time a low moan, which confirmed Moose's presence. I smirked against Jay's lips, grinding against him slightly before prising our lips, the need for air becoming a concern. We panted against each other, our heated breath mixing and warming our already sweat covered faces. The thick curls of my beard brushed against his bare chin, my tongue darting out to lap at his skin wherever I could.

He wrapped his fingers around our pricks as best he could, slowly stroking as he got his breath back. Our bodies were now creating even more sweat then when we performed. I shifted my hand from his thigh to his arse, my digits slipping between his cheeks. He pressed back against me, his hand speeding up on our dicks. I caught his lips with mine again as my fingers pushed into him. He lapped at my tongue again, while rocking his hips between my probing fingers and my dick. Sweat made his hand movements more slick and fluid, though it also made his grip a bit looser. His other hand squeezed my ass, while my fingers worked him open. I wasn't sure if we'd even fuck, let alone what position we'd use.

I removed my fingers from his body, raising them up to our faces as we again parted for air. I took a deep breath, then took the fingers into my mouth, sucking the dirty, sweaty digits. My eyelids fluttered closed at the taste, my tongue twirling around them to taste as much as possible. As I did this he leaned in close to me and whispered softly. "Mi angen tua cnych dy cont."

It took me a few moments to process what he meant, partly because I was more then a little horny and drunk, but also because I wasn't adept at our native tongue. When I finally understood the jist of it, meaning I realised one of the words was fuck, he'd already pushed me against the opposite bunk and flipped me around. With a low moan from my lips, he thrust two fingers into my hairy arse. I squirmed against the surface resting my head against the upper bunk curtain. I inhaled the thick scent of sweat from within the small space. No real surprise then that I realised it was Moose's.

Jay didn't seem to care though, removing and replacing his fingers with the thick shaft of his dick. I groaned as he entered me, though he stifled the sounds by pushing his wet digits into my mouth. Like my own, I suckled the fluids off them. While I did that he brushed my hair away, latching his lips onto the back of my neck and sucking on that sweet patch of skin.

Jay pounded into me hard, the sound of skin slapping against skin filling the tour bus. The curtain before me was pushed open from within, revealing Moose rapidly jerking himself off. His cock was almost level with my face, his hand movements a blur before me, his fist pumping faster then Jay's cock inside me. Our bassists hands roamed over my body, stopping only to dig his nails into my slick skin when he slammed into me particularly hard. My hands were too preoccupied with bracing myself against the bunks to deal with my needy hard-on and his hands were everywhere but where I wanted them to be. My prick yearned to be touched, even more so as Jay's tore me open and his blunt head glanced my spot. He wasn't aiming for it as his movements were erratic, most likely purposefully. "Please..." I whimpered in my thick accented voice, hoping he'd understand me.

His right hand shifted to rest on my thigh, his fingertips ghosting over my shaft. "Begian." He whispered against my skin, licking along my neck.

I squirmed again, my lust-adled mind finding it hard to work out what he wanted from me, despite the word sounding almost exactly like the English one. "Please Jay, touch me, please fucking wank my cock!"

He chuckled softly, slamming into me particularly hard. "I guess that'll do." He purred, blissfully in English as his talented fingers encircled my shaft. He began to stroke me in an alternating rhythm to his fucking. As he did so, Moose leaned closer so his dick was merely inches away from my face. My unfocussed eyes were glued to his erect flesh, especially the leaky piss slit. He pushed his hips forward, the head wiping against my cheeks, leaving a smear of pre-cum on my skin. I moaned in arousal, parting my lips to take him. Typical of Moose though, he shifted back and kept jerking instead, his face giving me a dirty look. Jay's hand reflected his, jacking me at an increased pace while he slammed rougher into me. His breathing became ragged against my neck, a sign that he was getting close as more words left his pretty mouth. Swear words most likely. All I could manage in response was low grunts while I clenched around him.

Moose came over my face, the fluid landing over my features and sticking to my chin, beard and eyelids. He wiped his tip in my hair, sticking the long strands together. I watched through my half-lidded eyes as he laid back on the bunk, smirking down at me. Smug cunt. Jay's hand squeezed my length to draw my own orgasm out but he did so a little too tightly, causing it to send a slight pang of pain through me instead. It satisfied me enough though, causing me to spill over my belly.

I slumped slightly against the bunks, Jay's strong arms the only thing keeping me up as his thrusts turned harsh, my hips hitting against the bunk in front of me. He kept mumbling against my skin until he finally unloaded several minutes later. Panting, he kept his body molded against mine as his hips jerked his spent prick out of me. He muttered something too softly for me to hear, his lips planting kisses on my neck and shoulder blades. His soft tongue darted out over my sweat drenched skin., his arms holding me up still. He pulled me away from the bunks, laying me down on the one below Moose's. Blood and cum, dripped from my ass ontto the sheets, though I didn't give a fuck. He patted my side before handing me a bottle of Jag and leaving me to swallow the strong fluid within.
Tags: bullet for my valentine, fic, jay james, jay james/padge, moose, padge, slash
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