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You've got the wrong person!

So I was gonna start this post with a ramble bout how Wall-E still isn't the fuck here. However there's a reason. It's turned up at Mikey's by mistake. Gah! He's sending it tomorrow so that's more time to wait. Stupid Stuie. I wanna watch the cute bot now!

Speaking of Wall-E, not the icon. Yay Christmas!

My insomnia is getting worse. I didn't sleep until after mum woke up. So that's about 7ish then. Joy.

I hate my spacebar cause a sunflower seed's got stuck under it so sometimes it won't do anything. Bastard thing.

I'll have my other fic typed up today. I'm a third of the way through.

Survivors last night was brilliant, though there's so many Doctor/Torchwood people it's odd.

Whenever I play as Kit on Lightsaber Duels I keep expecting him to breaking into Hermes' bureaucrat song.

I'll say it, I hate the My Sims game (apart from the blatently gay furniture salesman... seriously he couldn't be more gay if he tried) cause of the Kayak game. How the fuck are you meant to do that shit?

I got mum's first present today. Mamma Mia from Asda (anyone that wants it, get it there cause it's only £7).

I dolike my new Job Center person. She's nice and funny and does her job.

It was grandad's birthday today so we went to the grave. Cue flashes going back to last year of that fucking night. Least Mikeysaur was there.

Going to... I dunno what now.

And I'm trying and failing to find Blue slash. Why? No idea.
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