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Cause days fade and knights fall

I'm just gonna put on the last three Doctor eps for mum since Merlin's finished. They shoulda kissed damnit. If they don't during this series I'll have to poke the writers. I mean seriously, everone from the big ol' dragon to Merlin's own mum's implying they're together. (And what is it with people saying that two sides of the same coin thing? First it was in Twilight Princess, now it's everywhere.) I found myself chanting in my head for him to suckhis toes.

Next week's Merlin will make me sad. Stupid pretty Arthur.

It amuses me that on the Lightsaber Duels one of Obi-Wan's combos is called 'Eye Of The Storm'. According to the credits, Kit's voiced by the same dude that does Hermes on Futurama. That means that earlier video's probably accurate cause that's who I thought it sounded like. Bah. It's a pretty simple game really, though the challenges are easy to forget what you're meant to do. The campaign mode is all out of order, which irks me.

I don't go much on My Sims Kingdom, though the mini games are good.

I've chosen the three claims:
Scat: Jay/Matt/Padge (cause I was indecisive... Moose may be in it)
Fisting: Matt/Eicca
Feminisation: Bob/Mikey/Ray

I pondered sounding, watersports or cbt (and also something with Jimmy) but ideas wouldn't come. I might add one to the second sign-up.

Now LJ's being odd, so by the time this is posted I'll probably be deep into Doctor. .... that sounds perverted. I've gotta get

So this post is the Bullet picspam, with the pics posted recently at bfmv_pic_spam. it'll probably kill most people's interwebs. It'll obviously be Jay heavy.

Jay is horny

And smily (while Padge promotes... whatever it is)

Matt and Padge snuggling.

Bullet thumbs up everything.

Matt likes fisting

Lightbox funtimes now (including the lightbox threeway):

Hottness of Jay:

His tongue!< 3

Padge hotness:

Matt hotness:

Post over, return to your homes
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