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If You Behave

If You Behave
Pairing: Sean Smith/Harry Judd/Dougie Poynter
Rating: NC-17
POV: Sean
Warnings: BDSM
Notes: First of two fics written at Mikey's, inspired by an interview with Sean.

I opened my eyes slowly, blinking slightly at the dull light that greeted me. I was secured to a bed, my hands restrained to the bed posts by what what felt like belts. My ankles were spread wide apart, a metal bar between them and holding them spread in place. I turned my head in both directions, examining my surroundings carefully. The room was obviously a bedroom, though its nondescript furnishings and lack of decoration meant it most likely lacked an owner. Apart from the bed there was a pair of chests of drawers, a wardrobe, a desk and chair. Despite there being no one else in he room, I felt like I was being watched. Apart from my bindings I was completely devoid of clothing, but I wasn't cold.

Slowly the door creaked open, revealing a male almost as naked as I was. The only difference was that he wore knee-high boots. His cocks was erect between his legs and there was a light dusting of hair on his chest. As he stepped into the room, I got a better view of his facial features, a smirk gracing his lips. He had dark brown hair and sparkling blue eyes, though there was a dark lust there too. I recognised his face now as the light made it clear. Harry Judd, drummer for Mcfly. "Hello Sean." He spoke in a low voice, slowly stepping closer towards me. "I hear you want to tour with us." I nodded slightly, remembering the interview where I'd mentioned that. To be honest I'd never expected them to hear it much less act on it. He stopped moving when he stood to my left, his fingertips running over my skin. "We'll be touring next spring, a big arena deal." His fingers encircled my right nipple, making me squirm on the bedsheets. "If you be a good boy tonight you and your band can support us." He tweaked my hard bud, making my body wiggle more. "How about it?"

I nodded my head, then finally managed a verbal reply after a few moments. "Yes."

"Good." He spoke softly, shifting his hand and scratching my stomach hard enough to leave a clear set of red markson my skin. I watched him as he moved slightly again, shifting until he was at the nearest set of drawers, his fingers never leaving me. I wondered what he was thinking of doing to me, though it was obviously going to be something sexual. I tried to see what was within as he opened the second drawer down. His hands slipped inside the small space, pulling out a tube of lube in his left hand and a rubber shaft in his right.

He raised the tube to his mouth, opening it with his teeth. He liberally drizzled it over the dildo, making the length even shinier. He pushed the drawer closed with his hips, dropping the tube atop it. He returned to my side until he was beside my crotch, shifting his hand between my legs and roughly forcing two fingers inside me. I gasped softly, my body arching high off the bed as they penetrated my body. I was thankful I wasn't a virgin, else that would've hurt a lot more then it did. He wiggled his dry fingers within me, working my arsehole open. After a few moments he retreated then until just the tips remained, then pressed a third alongside the other two, burying the trio inside me. I released a low groan, my body jerking off the bed as they filled me, his tips brushing against my hidden spot. My dick ached against my belly, the shaft twitching with every movement of his fingers.

He smirked down at me, thrusting them deep into me one last time before removing them completely, quickly replacing them with the slightly thicker rubber cock.Like with his fingers, the entrance was accompanied by a moan from low in my throat. Once it was all he way inside my body, he raised the fingers that had been inside me to my face. The three middle digits were slick with a mixture sweat and ass juices. He pushed them into my mouth, the taste overwheming my senses as I suckled them clean. I locked eyes with him as I licked at his flesh, purring softly around him. His other hand held the base of the toy lodged inside me, shifting it slightly. I moaned around his fingers as he slowly slipped them from my mouth. He made the dick buried within me move again, only this time it was from a thrusting movement. I let out a another moan, squirming on he bed again. Once his hand left my mouth, his fingers stroked down my neck and chest. My eyes were drawn to his unattended erection and I couldn't help but wonder if I'd be wrapping my lips or arse around it's base.

He encircled his fingers around my own hardness, distracting me as he slowly tugged on the blood engorged flesh. I pushed my hips up at his touch, desperate to get him to not only keep it up but to increase both speed and pressure. He chuckled softly, complying by speeding his hand up just enough to be noticeable. I whimpered softly, but decided that would do as he insistantly thrust the dildo within me. I rocked up into his hand and back down on the shaft. I gazed into his blue eyes pleadingly, though for what I was unsure.

He seemed to make my choice for me, his wet hand reaching to unbuckle my wrist restraints. Once they were unfastened, he grasped my bleched blond locks and pulled my head towards the edge of the bed. Before I could properl adjust to my new position, he thrust his crotch into my face. His cockhead rubbed over my lips, my mouth opening all too readily for him. After all, his cock wasn't entering unexplored territory and I was eager to have the taste of cock invading my tongue. He had control of the general movement, so I just focussed on both pressing my lips around him and flicking my tongue against his underside. My hands shifted to his calves, my fingers stroking the hairy skin while my thumbs pressed against his low hanging sac. He seemed to approve of my motions, moans leaving his lips above. His hand stillworked on the dildo upmy ass, though it didn't move as regularly due to my blow job skills.

Finally he both pushed my head head away and stepped back. I found myself whimpering and leaning towards his cock, craving his taste. He just chuckled again, the hand on my head holding me back. "Eager slut." He removed the dildo from my body, dropping it beside the lube. He moved to my ankles, unbuckling my spreader bar with ease, proping it alongside the bed. "On all fours."

I nodded, shifting off the bed and stretching my legs slightly before I assumed the position he'd requested. I was thankful the floor of the room was carpeted as I had no desire to scrape my knees. As soon as I was in place he got between my legs and thrust into me hard. We both released low groans into the air as he filled my ass for the first time. Sweat clung to my skin as he started fucking me harshly. With every other slam of his hips he hit my spot, making me cry out in pleasure. I pushed my ass back against him,myinner muscles clenching tight around him.. He moaned softly, hands grasping at my sides for leverage, however my sweat made it hard for him to keep ahold.

I was tempted to reach down and jerk myself to sweet climax, though I resisted the urge to do so. "You feel so fucking good slut. Welsh ass always feels amazing." He thrust his hips hard inside me. "They must give you all lessons in ass fucking." I felt my cheeks flush at those words, wondering which of my fellow countrymen he'd fucked. Probably that Dork guy. I squeezed around him again,making him release a streamof expletives. He stilled his movement, taking a few deep breaths before resuming slamming into me. Now each time he was buried inside me his head rammed against my spot. My shaft pulsed and twitched, leaving sticky smears on the curve of my stomach. "Fuck..." He slammed his sharp hips into my fleshy ass cheeks as he came inside me, thick jets coating my walls.

He slapped my ass when he slipped out of me a few moments later, stepping back to the door and calling out into the space beyond. "He lasted, get your arse in here!"

Harry held the door open, letting in his younger, shorter bandmate. He glanced at him demurly, then at me. He licked my lips, kneeling down behind me and raising his hands to part my cheek. His tongue darted between my hairy cheeks as soon as it was exposed, his soft muscle seeking and collecting every drop of cum that my hole squeezed out. He took a deep gulp of air, then pressed his face into my ass, his tongue entering me to lap up as much of the cloudy fluid as he could get. My cock bobbed again and I craved his sweet mouth and tongue to work its magic on my dick.

My wish was granted after he refilled his lungs with air and he flicked his tongue over the wrinkled skin of my balls, gripping my dick at the base to guide it into his hungry mouth. His tongue wiggled over my soft, slick head, paying particular attention to my piss slit as he ravished it with his wetness. He stopped only to envelope me with his sweet lips, swallowing me as much as he could in our current positions. He had to have managed a good few inches before I finally released into his mouth, the boy swallowing it all down his pretty little throat. Panting softly, I fell onto the floor, giving Dougie barely enough time to move away lest he became trapped under me.

"Good boy." I heard Harry murmer, petting the other's head gently before turning his blue eyed gaze on me. "And as for you, Sean, you get to tour with us." With that he turned and departed, not even awaiting any response from me. I watched him leave, my eyes on his ass. I made a mental note to fuck his arse with the guys when we toured. Dougie planted a chast kiss on my cheek before pursuing him, leaving me alone.

I couldn't help but wonder, as I rubbed my wrists, where the other two were.
Tags: dougie poynter, dougie poynter/harry judd/sean smith, fic, harry judd, mcfly, sean smith, slash, the blackout
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