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Tuesday sucks

So I've not updated since the gig, so a quick update on the past few days.

First Merlin was awesome. Though real details escape me now.

Ditto on Sarah Jane.

I managed to finish the Enterprise Xindi episodes. Hoo-rah!

People should join this comm sosodirty. I'll be picking claims once I'm home. At least the scat one.

Why's Ilan gotta be NIN's drummer? I thought he was happy being Lostprophets? Bah.

Yesterday was spent scanning magazines for a looong time. I'll icon some. I've got lots to icon when I'm home (I've gotta do a JoJo one, a Jay one and from the scan a Jimmy one).

Tonight we went to see Mcfly. Teenies are scary.

Where we ate was nothing special. At all. At least we got fudge from the pier.

First band was Avenue. The one in the blue tee was so gay. Also they were a pretty typical boyband... and played the same song first and last.

Second band was Reemer. The bassist was so pretty. The singer was totally doing the guitarist. Hipthrusting and groping and just... obviousness.

Mcfly were pretty good. Blissfully they didn't play Please, Please. Harry's hair's still bad. Damn him. There was gayness but not so much. Dougie's bass' were pretty and light uppy and glittery.

Also, as a backing singer they had Antony from V (a boyband from a few years back which ended up being at least 3 fifths gay and only had a short career).

There was a gay couple in front of us though being sweet. One of them was uberbouncy and cute. His boyfriend wasn't so hyper, but causa his boyfrind holding him he kept bouncing too. It was sweet.

Tomorrow I'll be going home. It's been too short a trip really. I'll type up the two fics I've done (Dougie/Harry/Sean and Jay/Padge).

On Thursday I'll be watching a load of dvds most likely.

I think mum wants me back cause it's nearly grandad's birthday. I hate that I've already forgotten the day, but he never made a big deal out of it so...

I might go to a Simple Plan signing next week (might being the main, big, word). Cause the single's for a good cause. I'm not sure yet.

I might also go with Claire to the Kerrang tour next year. Damn Jimmy.
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