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Out soon

So we're now back from the Bullet gig.

We went at about half 1 and the queue was quite massive when we arrived (after meeting Claire and one of the stations). However it wasn't completely cold so that was good. Before getting inside we got soaked with various fluids from bottles being thrown about.

Inside the place was pretty and we each got a tee. Claire and Mikey later went back and got the most obscene band tee I've ever seen, a girl on a massive penis (as in riding it like a banana boat).

The support acts were mostly nothing special. The first one was utter crap. The only good one was Lacuna Coil, thyough that was only at certain times and they used the lights excessively which blinded Mikey. Heaven's A Lie and one of the others was the best (right now I can't remember the name but I know I'll kick myself when I do) Enjoy The Silence.

Then there was Bullet who were awesome as always. The gig's being released as a dvd so yay! Jay actually spoke (the first time anyone other then Matt has spoken at a gig I've been to). His voice=< 3. Jay's hair's been cut sadly (apparently short enough that it's angry lesbian like again). They had lightboxes again. Padge and Jay kept going to each other's side to be together, which was cute. And Matt and Padge and a Jay sandwich on a lightbox, which was very hot. We didn't have the best view, so I've probably missed something. And I might've forgot something.

Mikey got me a poster and tee outside (though the tee was deceiving).

Obviously now we've back after a trip back and finally having food. I'm thirty too.

I wonder what's on the dvd, I guess it'll be all the new videos... that makes me wanna watch the old one again. I still haven't since the last craving.
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