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Adventure, hmph, excitement, hmph!

Once I get home I'm gonna be doing a mini Jay picspam causa all the recent pics posted in bfmv_pic_spam cause there's so much hotness.

I started writing yesterday when Mikey went to the doctor's about his throat. It just came out of me for a few minutes... then stalled. Then in the night it came back... and now it's stalled again. It's (so far) Harry/Sean.

I've got several fics open to read so I should probably get on that after this post. There's three.

To send money to mum (to ensure it got there the next day for the bitch) was £4.60. Gah.

We've both still been on Animal Crossing, cause we're little weirdos. And they're such cute ickle animals.

Yay for tomorrow being Bullet! We're definitely stealing Jay this time. Yep. We may also be going to a signing, but I'm not sure.

Last night we went out to Tesco's to get some stuff and we ended up being scared instead. Why? Well the store got robbed. Thankfully we were down the aisle from it and close to the back of the store, but it was so scary. They managed to sue bolt cutters to open a self-service checkout and emptied it. We think they might've had a gun.

On the way back we saw a fox having a rummage round and looking generally cute.
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