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Maybe I'm just delicate

So I now have a replacement card for Mikey. It's nice but not as good as the one I had first. I'll use one of the spare cards we have here for Joanna. If I can find one.

I've still not packed. Cause I'm not that bright. And I seem to be reluctant to for some reason.

Me and Mikey are gonna restart Animal Crossing tomorrow. Hopefully we'll get Lucky.

Yay for Sarah Jane! Cause of the obvious Luke/Clydeness, Maria and her dad coming back and the oh-so-adorable slug alien. It was so cute! Though Cylde's dad is such an asshole. I like his mum though.

I'm trying to watch all of the Xindi episodes before I go, which is three whole discs and three other episodes. I know it's a lot to try and watch, but I'm still gonna try.

I wanted to finish The Brother In The Basement before I go but I doubt I will. Especially since I've not even started it yet.

There is a memeb thing I might do before I go. Where you write fics for 10 songs (but only for the duration of each song). I'm thinking of doing it for Bullet.

I'm gonna jot down various ideas for the multiple trips. These include:
*The remaining meme fics
*Sean/Mcfly (at least Harry)
*Eicca fic
*Jimmy fic
*A Madina fic
*Spencer fic
*Bullet fic
*Whatever unspecified ideas come to mind between now and then

I'll accept any ideas people have too.

I'd better get back to it now I suppose.
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