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The Brother In The Basement Part 3

The Brother In The Basement
Pairing: Mikey Way/Ray Toro, Ray Toro/Bob Bryar
Rating: NC-17
POV: Ray
Warnings: BDSM, crossdressing, cbt, rubber
Notes: I finally managed to do this part after awhile of blankness.
Part 1
Part 2

Part 3: Ray

I laid Bob's form down on the bed, turning slightly to face our master. That's how I thought of him. This thin framed boy that had more strength then he probably should have. I chewed on my lower slightly as he approached. This room was similar to the one we'd came from, though it was slightly better furnished. He stopped in front of me, running his hands over the mesh top. "You've been a good slut." He whispered softly, pinching at my nipples hard enough to make me groan. "Keeping the fuck up nice and hard all night." Again, I wondered why he called Bob that, though I assumed I wouldn't get any answers.

He ran his hand lower, cupping my hardness and smirking. My large dick was aching hard, with a ring wrapped around my base to keep me aroused. It made me wonder why he didn't just slip one on Bob. He licked his lips, leaning in closer to me. "Tonight you wil be locked in here with the fuck up." He inclinded his head to a door. "Over the night you will service whoever comes through that door. They will treat you like the worthless girl slut you are." I shivered slightly, my eyes darting over to the door. "Make sure to keep the fuck up hard."

"Yes sir..." I whispered, returning my gaze to Bob. His cock was still achingly hard and twitching, the shaft slick.

"Good girl." He kissed my cheek, grabbing my cock and squeezing it hard enough to make me yelp. He chuckled softly, licking across my lips before he stepped away and left the room, locking the door as he went.


I lay sprawled over the bed, with Bob tossed across the room somewhere. My ass was being roughly pounded by the large male behind me. I had no idea who he was, since none of the men that came in gave their names. He was the fifth that had come in tonight. The tattooed man before him had stuck needles in Bob's large, exposed dick. After doing that, he'd fucked me, then thrown Bob to his current position and kicked his rubber form around a bit.

As soon as he'd left, this guy had came in. He'd ignored Bob altogether and just unzipped his pants and sunk his large cock in my wet asshole. I moaned out loud in arousal as he pounded me, his hand squeezing my dick hard. I found myself rocking back against him, my eyes lidding slightly. "You're such a fucking slut." He growled softly behind me and I just nodded like some deranged bobble head. "So much better then the one downstairs." He grabbed a handful of my curly brown hair, yanking on it roughly to jerk my head back and stop my nodding.

I kept squeezing my muscles around him as best I could, my ass slick with the sticky fluids the men had shot into me. It served as fantastic lubrication for him, his movements rapid as his balls and thighs slapped against my round ass. His free hand held onto my side, his nails digging into my soft skin. I wanted to reach down and touch myself, but I knew that was a bad idea. I'd tried that when the second guy fucked me and that had just resulted in him pulling out, kicking me in the nuts and fucking my throat instead, which was followed by him randomly landing punches on my body. That taught me not to even touch my thighs, let alone my member.

With a low groan the man behind me came, spurting deep inside me. "Fuck... you were amazing.." He mumbled breathlessly as he slipped out. I heard him pull his pants up, not looking back as he slapped my ass lightly. I heard a soft rustle as he pulled out his money and slipped it into a drawer, departing once he'd done that.

I fell on the bed, panting softly and sighing in relief. My body was aching and sore, my clothes hanging off my body in tatters. The door opened, though this was the one inside the house. I watched as the slim male walked through the room, twisting the lock on the outside door. I heard him open the drawer, pulling out the wads of bills before he settled beside me.

After a few seconds of him flipping through them he placed his hand on my back. I heard him make a soft whistle of approval before he spoke to me. "If you keep making this much I'll be able to give you tits in no time." My eyes widened at his words, though I didn't say anything. I hadn't expected him to give me them, though deep down I wasn't surprised. He pocketed the money, standing up and heading to Bob. I watched as he lifted him up and sat him beside me on the bed.

Slowly he removed the needles from Bob's cock and balls, setting them all on a tray beside the bed. Each time I heard him make a soft whimper behind his gag. "I see someone treated this fuck up like he deserved. Same with you." He nodded at my bruises and I whimpered softly, hoping that this wouldn't be a regular occurance if I behaved. Once all the needles were removed from Bob he shifted his hands to me. He pulled both of my arms behind me, snapping a pair of cuffs around my wrists tightly. "For doing a good job you can sleep in bed tonight."

He glanced at Bob and undid a buckle at the back of his head. He removed the strap holding the vibrator down Bob's throat, setting it beside the tray of needles. I heard Bob cough and splutter, before he took a deep breath of air. After that he didn't say anything, becoming as quiet as he had before. He stood up and headed back to the door he came from. "Sweet dreams, both of you." He chuckled, shutting and locking the door behind him. I guessed he was saving his obvious hard on in his pants for his brother below.

"I'm Ray." I whispered to him after a few minutes of shared silence between us, vague sounds coming from downstairs. "So... tell me about yourself Bob."
Tags: bob bryar, bob bryar/ray toro, fic, mikey way, mikey way/ray toro, my chemical romance, ray toro, slash
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