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Pairing: Georg Listing/Bill Kaulitz
Rating: NC-17
POV: Georg
Warnings: BDSM, spanking
Notes: Based largely on a manip of Bill in a cage, which led to me having images of this.

I gazed down at the black barred cage which contained the sleeping form of my newest pet. He had long black and a slim, girlish figure. He also had several tattoos and a collar secured around his neck. His name was Bill and he had a very nice, round ass. Like me he was German so there was blissfully no language barrier. I licked my lips, running a hand through my dark brown locks. I'd decided that he would do very nicely for my needs. Those needs being sexual of course. I took a few more steps towards the cage, looking down at him. Time to wake this sleeping beauty up I think.

I considered how to do it, my hard dick twitching as ideas ran through my mind. Some were impractical right now of course, so I just went with the best, most obvious option. I stepped up to the bars of the cage and thrust my hardness through them, wiping the swollen tip over his lips. His eyelids flickered open as his mouth parted, his tongue snaking out to taste me. It took him a brief few seconds for him to pause, then look up at me. There was confusion in those orbs, which made me smirk. He didn't recognise me at all, no surprise there considering I'd only seen him before as he slumbered. "Whe.." before he could even finish that would, I stuffed my cock between his pretty lips. Instinctively he closed his lips around me, not even trying to spit me out and finish his sentance. His tongue squirmed against me, taking my shaft fully down his throat. He kept his eyes on me as he suckled on my dick, his mind probably still wondering who I was. After a few thrusts of my hips I decided it was time to enlighten him.

"I am your new master." His eyes widened at those words, which caused me to smirk again. His former one was his own twin, not identical though as he had light brown hair and dreadlocks. I had him too in a seperate cage downstairs, just for fun. Knowing I was his new owner, Bill seemed to work on my cock even more. His lips squeezed around me in pulses, while his tongue pressed against my throbbing member at every opportunity. He reached up with his cuffed hands, pushing his fingers through the bars to press against my wrinkled balls, rolling them between his fingertips. I purred softly, bcking my hips against the black bars. I knew I was leaking pre-cum on his well-trained tongue which meant it was only a matter of time until I unloaded. I let him continue for awhile longer, slowly moving my hips back. Just before I came I jerked back, spilling over his pretty face and long hair. He flicked his tongue out to try and taste me, attempting to lap at the splatters on his face. I decided to be kind, keeping the head of my dick close enough for him to lick the last cum which oozed out of my tip. "Good slut. You'll definately do."

I smiled and petted his hair through the bars, before opening up the cage and pulling him out. He licked his lips slightly, watching me with an intent curiosity. He said nothing even as I pulled him across the floor by his hair, pulling him to the nearest chair and settling on it. I gripped onto his small waist with my other hand, easily lifting him up and onto my lap. I slapped his ass hard, making him whimper softly.I chuckled, bringing my hand down hard on his other ass cheek. I alternated between his cheeks, making him moan from each hit.

I only stopped when both of his cheeks were a pretty rosy red. When I did I ran my fingers over the sore skin, then pushed them between his cheeks. He moaned, then bit his lip as I pushed the digits into his opening. I wiggled them around inside him, curving them inside his twitching ass. When he bucked a little I stopped, removing my fingers out of him and slapping his ass. "On the floor."

He nodded, slipping off my lap and getting on all fours in front of me. I shifted behind him, my cock hard again and still slick with his saliva. I aimed myself for him, thrusting hard inside his body. He groaned as I started moving at a fast pace, gripping his red cheeks tightly. My balls slapped against him as his head tipped back. I moved my right hand up, scratching at his back while I fucked him.

He moaned softly, rocking back aginst my thrusting cock. His hands remained on the floor, never shifting to touch his own member. Such a good boy. I growled low in my throat as I pounded him, pulling his long black hair. He squeezed around me tight, causing my eyes to lid as I did so. He certainly knew how to get a guy off at both ends. I slammed into him one last time, moaning as I came deep within him.

"You're a good whore." I whispered between pants, slitting back in the chair. He smiled, reaching behind himself and sticking two of his slim fingers inside himself, scooping out my load with them. I let him do so, licking my lips as he sucked his fingers clean. Some of my cum drooled from his hole, running down his crack.

Without being told he crawled back to his cage, curling up inside the small space. I stood up slowly, locking him in the cage and leaving to check on his twin.

I doubted he'd be as well behaved.
Tags: bill kaulitz, bill kaulitz/georg listing, fic, georg listing, slash, tokio hotel
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