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Again, today's been another lazy day. It's been spent pretty much the same as yesterday, only with added hunger.

I find it strange how you can be on Star Trek Conquest with the Romulans for 2 hours and not get anywhere while the Dominion can take over the whole galaxy in 45 minutes (ok so it's not technically the whole galaxy since there's noDelta quadrant worlds but still...). Out of the six races, they're the easiest to win with and hardest to beat (unless that is you get Bajor before they do then they're trapped and easy to kill).

I digress. Largely since that made probably no sense to no one.

I've watched random Enterprise episodes all day. I did think about doing a run all the way through (like The X-Files) but cause I'm going it seemed pointless. So when I get back I'll be alternating between the two. Even though I'm taking the boxsets with me to get Mikey to watch a few episodes (I've not decided which apart from the mirror universe ones, Vox Sola, Dead Stop and at least one with Trip topless). It's made me want to find Enterprise slash again though (cause it's so obvious Trip and Reed had sex). I wonder if there's been tentacle porn based on Vox Sola...

I wanna watch the Bullet dvd, if only to hear Jay being adorably cute. It makes me wanna smush him more.

I might write later, but only to either finish off the Bill/Georg fic, the next part of The Brother In The Basement or a meme fic (though it'd be short).

Again I feel oddly hungry. I dunno why. Especially since I have eaten plenty today. Maybe I just want to hibernate.

Strangely, the dragon site is down. It has been for awhile it seems.

Happy birthday Mary-Clare!

I had another thing to type, but it's gone. If I had a brain that stored such information I swear I'd be dangerous.
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