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Pairing: Gerard Way/Mikey Way/Bob Bryar/Ray Toro/Frankie Iero/Worm/James Dewees
Rating: NC-17
POV: Gerard
Warnings: Bukkake
Notes: For anon_lovefest huzzah!

I kneeled on the floor, looking up at all the other guys. I was so glad I'd been able to convince them all to do this. I'd wanted to do this for so long, ever since I'd seen it in porn. I licked my lips, gazing at their crotches as they unzipped one by one. I gazed at each cock as they were freed, their respective hands grasping and stroking while they let their pants drop to the floor. Each dick was familiar to me, though some more then others.

Standing right in front of me was Mikey. My little brother's cock was long and fairly slim, the smooth head shining invitingly in the light. I wanted to shift forward and wrap my lips around it, swallowing him down my throat like I'd done since we were teenagers. However, I knew better then that and took my eyes from it to look at the others.

To his left was Bob. His was about the same length, though it was much thicker. His heavy balls hung low just below the base of his dick, a light dusting of pubic hair covering them. His hand was working steadily up and down his shaft and I could feel his pretty blue eyes on me. I glanced up at his face, noting he was chewing his lower lip as he watched me. I licked my lips, casting my eyes left again.

There stood James, who had a hand on his thick dick. It was slightly shorter then Bob's though a little thicker. James' hand moved in a faster corkscrew motion, using his precum as lube. His head was leaking the clear fluid much more then the others. The black pubic hairs curled thickly around his base, his hand brushing against them with each downward stroke.

James was the last one on the left, soI cast my eyes back over the others, going from Mikey to the right this time. Standing beside him was Ray, their legs pressed against each other. Ray was moving his hand rapidly along his large cock, the shaft bigger in both dimensions then any of us. He could probably fit another hand on it, though his other hand was out of sight. I assumed he was touching my brother's ass, though I couldn't tell from Mikey's expression. I returned my eyes to Ray's large dick, practically salivating at the sight of it. Thick brown curls surrounded his base, mirroring the hair that graced his head. I had to force myself from staring at it too long, glancing to the right again.

There was Frankie, his hand moving in a blur of movement. Compared to Ray's his dick was small, though it was a pretty good size. The head was pierced with a silver ring, which shone in the light. If I was honest, I was surprised he hadn't gotten his cock and balls more pierced or even tatttooed. As well as stroking himself, he shifted his hips forward in jerky motions.

Lastly there was Worm. He had one hand on his large belly, holding it up so it didn't get in the way of his movements. His hand stroked his length in way similar to James, though he was moving faster. He looked quite thick, though he was shorter then my brother was. I was glad I'd convinced him to join in, since he certainly looked like he deserved the release. I leaned in close, kissing his large balls lightly, then licking along the shaft slowly. Of course, I didn't want to make the others jealous, so I leaned into to each male in turn, giving them similar treatment.

The quick flick of my tongue proved to be too much for James and he came, the thick fluid splattering against my left cheek and chin. I smiled as he panted and shifted away, going to sit on the couch behind them. One down, five to go. I twisted my head slightly to face the others. "Fuck..." I heard Bob mumble at the sight of me, his hips bucking forward sharply.

I looked between them, flicking my tongue out to taste James' cum that landed near me. I smiled at the slightly salty taste, letting out a low purr. I reached down and palmed my own dick, wondering eagerly who would cover me next. Apart from Mikey, they were all making some sound of pleasure. Worm was making low whimpers, Frank was swearing softly why Bob and Ray were both moaning louder then the others. I couldn't tell which of the pair was louder though I assumed it would be Ray.

Frank came next and I had just enough time to turn in his direction before it land on my skin. The first shot hit my opposite cheek and the rest landed on my eyelid, the fluid sticking it shut. I sighed softly, smiling as he wiped his cock over my lips before taking a step back. He spat on my chest, making me groan softly as he moved to sit beside James. I licked the drops from my lips, tasing him. He was slightly more bitter then James, though he still tasted pretty good.

Mikey followed him, his sharp hips jerking as he shot his load. It landed mostly on my nose and closed eye, though the third blast landed on my forehead. I groaned softly, his cock rubbing against my neck so the last droplets were out of reach of my mouth. I whimpered and pouted up and him, though he just smirked and left me. As he went I noticed I'd been right about Ray, he had been groping his ass. His finger left his opening as he moved away.

The three remaining men shuffled closer together and Ray's hand shifted to Bob's ass. I heard the drummer groan in arousal and assumed that Ray's finger was now inside him. I didn't get much chance to study him, as I felt Worm shoot over the left side of my face, coating my skin from forehead to chin, some landing in my ear and hair. He groaned in arousal, whispering a hushed thanks before joining the others.

Two left.

I closed my right eye as Bob's moaning increased in volume, assuming he would soon orgasm. When I lost all sight of them, I started jerking myself off at an increased speed. "Slut..." I heard Bob mumble above me, cum landing on my right eye and across my cheek and hair. His dickhead ran across my lips allowing me to taste the thick fluid from his slit. It was stronger then James' and it tasted so good. I'd have to suck off Bob more. I increased my hand movements, whimpering as he moved away.

"Look at you, covered in all that cum." I heard Ray's soft voice mutter above me, his cock so close to me I could smell it. "You look just like a porn star whore."

I moaned and bucked up, climaxing over my belly hard from his words. I licked my lips in arousal at the feeling, bring my hand up to taste myself. I tasted slightly sweet, though there was still the vague saltyness there. I shifted my fingers back, spreading the rest over my skin.

Ray fountained fluid over my face once my fingers had moved away. I managed to catch some on my tongue, coughing slightly at how strong he tasted. I heard a click and saw a flash through my eyelids, guessing that they were taking pictures of me like this. I tried to look as seductive as I could, tipping my head back and licking my lips. Once the flashing stopped I smiled to myself, running my fingers through the mixture on my face, tasting them all.

I hoped they'd do this again.
Tags: bob bryar, fic, frankie iero, gerard way, james dewees, mikey way, my chemical romance, slash, worm
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