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Into The Darkness Part 7

Into The Darkness
Pairing: Jay James/Ian Watkins/Padge/Omar Abidi
POV: Jay
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Blood, gore, killing, cannibalism, necrophilia
Notes: Finally got back into doing this. There was going to be a filler part, but I decided not to.
1: Charlie
2: Padge
3: Ian
4: Sean
5: Matt
6: Oli

7: Omar

I stared out the window, watching as the snow fell. Every surface seemed coated in the fluffy white substance. It had been so long since we'd had this level of snowfall. It could probably be attributed to global warming, but it was still a beautiful sight. I smiled, turning as my thoughts were interrupted by a low scream. I wasn't sure who it was, though I didn't really mind.

The room was decorated with various items befitting this holiday. Tinsel was hung to the walls, as were various entrails. A tree stood in a corner, though it was made from bones of various boys. Every year I seemed to make it bigger until it was now taller then I was. Next year I'd have to start on a new one. Hanging from the bones were several baubles of various colours and sizes. Wrapped around the bones were more tinsel and entrails. On tables and shelves were various Christmas-themed cuddly toys.

I sighed softly, shifting from the window. Even as an adult there was something magical about this time of year.

I walked into the other room slowly, hearing another scream. Omar lay on the floor, his body now much larger then it had been when I'd first seen him. He turned slightly when he saw me, his long, black hair framing his face. There was a slight smile on his face though I had a feeling he knew that his time had come. Ian and Padge were either side of him. The screams had obviously come from Omar and marks on the side of his belly indicated he'd been at least kicked. Ian was sat beside him, planting light kisses along his arm.

Ian was perhaps too soft, although their was a certain appeal to the man's arms. I knew that Padge had succumbed more then once to their allure. I glanced over Ian's body, noting how he now had a more healthy roundness to his features. Perfect. My eyes returned to Omar, my right hand reaching out and stroking his darkened skin. It was almost a shame that he would soon be dead. Almost.

"You may both fuck him." They both turned their heads tolook at me, giving me brief nods as they shifted. Padge moved between Omar's legs, his hands prising the fat globes of his ass apart. At the same time, Ian moved to his face, rubbing his dick over his lips. Ian would soon be gone too, though not as soon as Omar. I smiled to myself, watching as they pushed their dicks into Omar's body seconds after each other.

I stood and watched as they moved their hips harshlyinside him. Omar moaned around Ian's member, clearly working to please him as his ass pushed out too. He was such a slut. Padge and Ian both moved faster and harder. Ian and Padge glanced at me, then shared a hungry kiss, their tongues wiggling around each other's. I smiled to myself, my cock hard and aching between my legs. They looked so hot like that, pounding Omar's fat ass and face. I reached down, stroking my thick member slowly at the sight of them.

Padge noticed, his eyes flashing from Ian's face to my cock. I licked my lips, stepping closer to them. I rubbed my head against Omar's side, smiling as he shifted a hand from the floor to stroke my dick. I let go, letting him take over. Due to his position, his strokes were slower and more awkward then my own, but I didn't care. I leaned in close to Padge, pressing my lips against his ear to whisper softly. "Get the pig off."

Padge nodded, havind to bend slightly to wrap his arm around Omar's waist, his three-fingered right hand grasping the cock that he found there. We all moved in a vague sort of tandem. Padge and Ian each thrust inside Omar as the other pulled out. Omar's hand moved around me at some pace known only to him, while Padge's movements seemed to be similar to his thrusts.

Ian was the first to cum, bucking his hips forward slightly as he did so. Omar swallowed it all, his throat bobbing as he did so. I shifted a hand to Padge's ass, shoving two fingers roughly into his opening. He groaned in pleasure, parting from Ian's lips as he rocked between Omar's ass and my fingers. My tips searched for, then brushed against, his spot. He came after about five more thrusts, his asshole tightening around my fingers.

Thiis was followed by Omar spurting thickly over his fat belly. I chuckled, licking my lips hungrily at the sight. I removed my dirty fingers slowly, suckling them clean. I batted Omar's hand away, then took Padge's place. I let out a soft moan as I entered the sticky hole, my full balls slapping against his large cheeks. His ass twitched around my shaft in his post orgasmic state. His clenching muscles bought me closer to the edge then merely his hand could.

With a low sigh I came up inside him, just as Padge had seconds before me. I leaned over him, kissing each of his shoulders before licking aat his armpits. He tasted of strong sweat, though that just made me lick harder. From the corner of my eye I saw that Padge had set up a small fire in the fireplace. Above there was a spit which Omar would be secured to. I slipped out of his hole, watching as both Padge and Ian carried the spit over, laying it atop Omar's back and tying his wrists and ankles to it. When using the spit I'd sometimes push the spit through the victm's body, however, this time I wanted to hear the screams. It took the strength of both of them to return the spit to it's place above the fire. Omar's belly was almost bathed in the golden flames.

I settled back to watch, knowing it would take a good long time for him to cook like that. I meantime Padge and Ian would entertain me. Starting with a spiked double ended dildo.

I smiled to myself, humming Christmas songs softly as they eased their respective ends into each other. Their cries of pain mirrored Omar's. Perfect.
Tags: bullet for my valentine, fic, fightstar, ian watkins, jay james, lostprophets, omar abidi, padge, slash
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