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Resistance, it seems, is not futile

So Americans (as a nation) have started being sane and voted the right person in. However there's also that stupid anti-gay marriage thing which needs to be abolished country wide asap. People have to learn that religion doesn't equal law. If it did we'd still have slaves and treat females as property. They've also gotta learn being gay isn't evil, unnatural or whatever.

Kerrang's weird. Mostly cause the cover's very blue this week (not black). It's not that good, although there's a thing about Bullet's tour and a Fightstar poster. And there's Mat from Kill Hannah topless again. Is he allergic to clothes or something? Next week there's no good posters, though there's a thing into Matt's mind. I'd prefer to be in Jay's mind. Maybe they will be.

I'm waiting for my food to cool.

I've spent a lot of today tired. Also watching Enterprise.

I'm gonna write after eating. I wanna finish off the next part of Into The Darkness. Or maybe The Brother In The Basement (although the next part of that isn't exactly planned out).

Also, this is hot.
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