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Human jenga

I'm back now, gather round and I'll tell you a sorta tale. While I wait for food.

So there were still wristbands for the signing, but they wre on the ground floor. The singles are on the top floor. So I had to go all the way up and back down again. They only had the cd version, so I had a little bit of money to walk around with. I got a couple more pack of Star Wars cards and card wallets.

I joined the queue when it was fairly short. People in front were amusing with one talking about human versions of games (including Jenga and tetris) while another was going on about detective shows (specifially Midsomer Murders and Murder She Wrote). It amused me. It wasn't too cold either which was a plus and there were the pretty trees lit up.

When we were inside they set up for the performance (and vastly underestimated both the number of singers and Charlie's height). They only did two sosngs (the new one and I Am The Message) which was a bit dissappointing. Like someone near me said I wish they'd done Deathcar. Charlie was the only one with san instrument and Alex looked a bit redundant as he stood there. Dan and Omar were upstairs touching each otheer/giving/getting head out of sight.

We were only able to get one thing signed each, so I couldn't get Mikey's album done. Damnit. Again I went quiet and stared, then gave a little wave. Why is it I can only converse with insane Welshies? Then again, I did end up gazing at Omar's arms. Cause they're just... guh.


It seems like it was a bit of a waste, but whatever. It got me out.

And there's finally new horses at the train station. A big one and a cute ickle one like there is on the field. They let me pet em.

Any Americans, vote. Though you probably all have. Just keep that fucking Palin woman out of power k? We don't need another 8 years of idiocy thanks.

I'm going now to sort food, then watch Borg episodes.
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