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Maybe I am

I'm gonna be going in about 20 minutes, once I've got everything sorted. I don't really feel excited or anything, but that could be cause I've half-convinced myself that all the wristbands are gone. Or perhaps it's cause I'm not looking forward to spending several hours wandering around in the cold. I've only got enough to get me there and the single, with nothing for food or anything.

I'm waiting on mum to return to sort anything out, though she seems to be late. Again. If she's not here by quarter to then I'm put back another hour.

In tthe meantime I'm searching for my wallet and keys. Cause I'm useless at knowing where things are.

I'll do another post later about it.

Edit: I'm stuck on the hour later train causa mum being annoying with her college stuff. Cause apparently it's my fault when the work she's typed up prints out different to how she wants it.
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