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Slutty Schoolgirl

Slutty Schoolgirl
Pairing: Padge/Ian Watkins
Rating: NC-17
POV: Padge
Warnings: She-male Padge, crossdressing, BDSM, spanking, slight cbt (and some tit torture)
Notes: This is largely based on a recurring dream I've had about Padge like this.

I stepped into the room, my cheeks flushing as I did so. This was mostly due to the outfit I was wearing. I wore a blouse that was several sizes too small. The white material could barely contain my large breasts, the size of them causing part my stomach to be revealed to the man before me. On my lower half I wore a short skirt which barely reached my knees. Underneath my skirt, covering my crotch was a pair of soft lacy panties. The rest of my hairy legs were uncovered, ince he'd told me not to wear socks nor tights. I did have shoes though with half inch heels. "Hello sir." I whispered meekly as I walked towards him.

"Hello girl." He smiled, sitting on a chair behind a desk. He was Welsh, just like me, roughly the same height I was. He had black hair, shorter then mine and had no facial piercings. He wore only a t-shirt and a pair of faux leather trousers, though there was little doubt in the power he had over me. I wouldn't be who I was now if it wasn't for him. "Come here." I nodded, stepping even closer to his desk, swaying my hips slightly as I moved. I wondered if he had someone under the desk, but I knew I wouldn't find out.

"I've been a naughty girl sir." I whispered softly, again swaying my hips. This time though, I gripped the base of the skirt, raising it up just enough for him to see my panties.

"Oh? And why's that?" As he spoke he raised an eyebrow, though I knew he was likely hard as fuck.

"I keep touching myself, while thinking of you." I bit my lip slightly, locking eyes with him and blushing. "Sometimes in class." I knew he wanted me to play along with his schoolgirl fantasy, even though he didn't look the part of teacher.

"You really are a dirty girl." He growled softly, nodding to his desk. "Bend over it. Now!" I nodded back at him, shifting towards it and bending down over the wooden surface. I waited, watching as he stood up and moved around the table, his bulging hardness obvious. I felt him raise the skirt up a little, exposing my covered as for him. His fingers gripped the waistband of the panties, pulling the material down roughly. He only pulled them down enough to fully reveal my round cheeks, letting go of them once he had done so. With his other hand he pushed down on my back, pressing my tits roughly against the desktop.

I moaned softly, then heard and felt a loud slap aganst my left cheek. This was quickly followed by another on my right. "Fucking slut." He growled, hitting both cheeks twice in quick sucession. I let out low yelp, squirming slightly on the desk, the pain radiated from where he struck me, going straight to my crotch. "What else have you done slut?"

"I..." I groaned, trying to think fast as he stroked my sore skin, his nails scratching lightly. "I suck off boys sir. Whenever I can I go to the boy's toilet and let whoever wants me have me." That wasn't so much of a fabrication as it seemed. While I hadn't done it myself at school, I knew students of both sexes did that. However, he had put me in toilets several times to be used.

"You're such a fucking dirty whore." He slapped my ass again a few times, making me groan low in my throat. He stopped hitting me, instead shifting his hand between my legs to grab at my crotch. I heard him growl above me again. "it's useless punishing you like this, you're fucking getting off on it." He stepped back from me, causing me to twist my head in his direction. "On your back now whore."

I nodded, standing briefly before laying on the desk, spreading my legs wide. I let out a soft whimper as my sore ass pressed against the wood. I stroked my thighs with both hand, running my fingertips over the panties. The simple action earned me a soft groan from him. "Such a slut." He reached forward, popping open the buttons of my blouse, exposing my chest for him. He had given me my breasts awhile ago, so long ago now that I could barely remember a life without them. They pleased him and that was all that mattered.

While I lay back, he got some items from from the drawers of the desk. There were so many things in those that I could spend all day trying to guess the possible combinations. Of course, he didn't give me too long. before using the first on me. It was a long coil of rope, which he started to wrap around the base of my tits. I let out a low moan as he pulled them tight around them both, wrapping the rope around twice more before stopping. He dropped the end of it beside me, smiling to himself.

"Much better girl." He whispered as he moved around the desk, a belt in hand. He stood beside me, raising the belt above his head. In one quick blur of movement he struck my chest with it causing me to yelp in pain. He moved around the desk, hitting my other tit just as hard. He reached down his other hand, using it to pull my skirt and panties off while the other one struck the same breast again. Then he moved lower, striking my round stomach hard. I jerked up slightly and he set the belt down beside my body. He gripped both my hands, raising them above my head and tying them together with the rope. When they were secure his belt returned to his hand and he shiftedto the opposite end of the desk.

He struck each of my thighs in turn, the pain making my cock throb. He seemed to notice the slight movement, as my shaft became his next target. I let out a low squeal of pain, my hips bucking up. Although that blow hurt more then any of the others, it didn't diminish my arousal. He chuckled, hitting my head next, although it wasn't as hard as his other strikes had been. "Whore." He resumed lashing my thighs, occasionally making the odd strike to my stomach, cock or balls. I tried to keep a mental count of how many times the belt made contact with my skin, though I lost count after sixteen.

He shifted the blows again, alternating between each of my breasts, his fingers running over the welts on my thighs and crotch. My eyes lidded, soft whimpers leaving my lips as he switched between hard and soft hits, tears rolling from the corners of my eyes.

Eventually, the blows ceased altogether and he set the belt onto the desktop. Guessing what he wanted next, I spread my legs as wide as I could, watching him remove and discard his t-shirt. He chuckled again, undoing his flies to pull out his hardness. I licked my lips slightly, keeping my eyes on it as he pulled my ankles towards him. When he released them I instinctively hooked them over his shoulders. "Whore." He growled again, spitting on my belly and then again at my tits.

He aimed his length just behind my balls, where there used to be just a sensitive patch of skin. Before I'd met him that is. Now there was an opening, small and soft, but big enough to take him. He pushed inside me roughly, grabbing onto my sore tits. He groaned, then began thrusting hard into me. His tattooed hips slammed against me with each movement they made. While he fucked me he groped my tits hard, making me whimper softly at the fresh pain he caused me. I longed for the pain, craving it now almost as much as he loved causing it. My thick cock jerked in arousal as pounded me, and I focused on making my cunt twitch around him.

I knew he'd make no attempt to get me to cum and I was used to that now. I cared only about making him orgasm. I kept massaging his dick with my insides, arching my body up into his hands. He kept calling me a whore and a slut, punctuating each word by squeezing my tits hard. He pounded me rougher and harder as the minutes passed, sweat glistening on his glorious, gorgeous body. I struggled against my bonds, my actions causing the rope around my chest to tighten more. I groaned, wishing that I was able to touch him.

He laughed at me again, spitting on my face. "Stupid, stupid slut." He dug his nails into my tender flesh, tipping his head back. I knew just from the simple action that he was close. His thrusts became erratic and his hands didn't release me when he squeezed. I felt him spurt inside me, coating my soft tunnel with thick jets.

"Good slut." He panted softly, easing himself out of my pussy. He opened the top drawer, thrusting a large dildo inside me to keep his cum buried within me. He slowly circled my body again, stopping at my head to wipe his large, dirty cock over my face. He chuckled again as I tried to taste, though he made sure I didn't get a chance. He always kept it from my mouth, even when my head turned to follow it. He slapped me around the face with his softening dick, stepping back and zipping himself up. "You wll stay there slut, until I say otherwise."

And then he left the room, leaving me bound like that, to look at the myself on the ceiling. Sure I could get up and leave if I wanted, but I wasn't going to. Instead I looked at my reflection, smiling at my sticky face. My face was masculine, something which he seemed to like and appreciate. After a few moments, my body jerked slightly as the dildo within me buzzed. It didn't surprise me that he left me with something like that and the soft vibrations were actually fairly comforting for me.

With a slight smile on my face, I awaited his return.
Tags: bullet for my valentine, fic, ian watkins, ian watkins/padge, lostprophets, padge, slash
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