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What's bigger then the sky?

My knee itches. I'm trying not to pick at it but it's hard.

I've spent today being lazy, spending a few hours in bed then watching The X-Files while eating sunflower seeds. I'm now at the end of season 3.

I'm now finishing that dream fic so it should be ready some point tonight (it'd be sooner but Sarah Jane's on). As of yet it's only about a page and a half. I seemed to stall on it last night, though I'm not sure why.

I've got everything ready for tomrrow. Or I think I do anyway.

Now, I need the help of thee friends list. I've meant to ask this for quite awhile, but I keep forgetting. I keep saying to Mikey 'hanging on' and I distinctively remember it from a film being said by a small creature. I don't remember what it is, other then it's an animated film (and since it's so small it's fairly high pitched. Anyone have any ideas?
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