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The Head

The Head
Pairing: Matt Tuck/Oli Sykes
Rating: NC-17
POV: Matt
Warnings: Gore, death, necrophilia
Notes: I blame Rock Sound for this. It's not long either.

I gazed down at Oli, running a hand over his tattooed skin. He was afraid of me, that much was clear in his eyes. He was tied to my table, a large ball gag stuffed between his lips. His head hung off the edge.He was, of course, entirely naked and had been since I'd brought him home. He's removed all his clothes himself, doing a little striptease for me. The eager slut.

Now his time was at end. I kissed his forehead, running my hand through the soft black curls surrounding his flaccid dick. Pity he wasn't hard. Perhaps he'd gain angel lust once he was gone. I stepped back from him, rolling over the guillotine until his head was in position. Traditionally the victims were face down, though where was the fun in that? His eyes went wide and he struggled even more against his bonds, drool escaping his lips and tears streaming down his face.

Satisfied it was in place, I smiled down at him one last time. "Bye Oli." I pressed the button on it's side, watching as the blade dropped and smashed through his neck, servering his head in one blow. It rolled slightly along the floor, coming to stop a few inches away from my feet.

I bent down, plucking it up by his long hair. I smiled as blood dropped from the stump, leaving a trail of small pools as I took it to my room. I was unsure what to do with the body tomorrow. I'd probably skin and gut it, though it was his pretty face that I'd wanted. I set it on the bed, undoing my jeans and letting them drop to the floor. Unlike Oli I'd decided to only half undress, mostly out of the shame of what was beneath.

My dick wasn't much bigger then his was. The difference was mine was hard, whereas his was soft. I removed the gag from his lips, casting it aside without a care. The gag had left his mouth nice and open for me, even though it was too wide. I laid on the bed, taking his head in hand again and guiding it to my cock. I slipped my member inside his still wet and warm mouth, making quick and shallow thrusts within. My balls slapped against his chin as I moaned softly, calling out his name into the night.

My eyes fluttered closed, though I willed my orgasm to slow down. This was another reason why I didn't fuck faces of the living. I came too soon. My grip tightened on his dark hair, making me growl as I held him firmly in place. My hips went at a near blinding face against his face until I could hold on no longer. I came into his dead mouth, not five minutes after my cock first entered.

I panted softly, easing his lips from around my cock. With a blush and a slightly smile I raised the head, resting it on the pillow beside me. "Thanks. " I gently kissed his cheek, shifting under the sheets and curling up. The last thing I saw before sleep took me where his dead eyes looking back at me.
Tags: bring me the horizon, bullet for my valentine, fic, matt tuck, matt tuck/oli sykes, oli sykes, slash
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