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Tell me, do they still sing songs of the Great Tribble Hunt?

So it's post Halloween and it seems like everyone's hungover.

I watched Nightmare, but not anything else I planend (cept Dead Set). I suck a little.

I ate so much yesterday. Not much many sweets though. It's odd that I was so hungry.

I'm in a Star Trek mood for some reason so I'm on Conquest now (I tried as Federation but I got frustrated so I switched to Klingons and now I'm on as the Breen) and I'll go through my dvds. I might watch my sole Enterprise episode (before I get the boxsets), cause I'm in the mood for that. I think I'll have to do an icon of Trip topless or something for it.

Due to my sudden Star Trekness I'm on the Trek wiki looking at random things.

I miss the days when there used to be so much Star Trek on BBC 2 each week. Now all we have is 2 TNG eps real late on a Friday. I wish they'd put the ohers on. Or that I could get a good signal for Virgin 1 in this stupid house. The only time I can watch it is at Mikey's so... I'll have to while I'm there. Even though he's indifferent to it. Though I should educate him in preparation for the film.

Ok enough with the geekage...

I want Merlin to be on now. Despite knowing I'll probably be more eh about this one. It just sounds like it won't be too good to me.

The vid here amuses me. Mostly cause Matthew talks so much, but there's something about Mateo's voice that I just adore.

Yay for someone uploading the latest Doctor soundtrack.

Why is it in every zombie film/series there has to be one idiot that wants to go from a safe location, thusly causing the zombies to get in and wipe everyone out?

I'm in a random mood and I feel hungry so... off I go.
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