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Pairing: Ray Toro/Pete Wentz
Rating: NC-17
POV: Ray
Warnings: Gore, zombies, necrophillia, death
Notes: This is the main Halloween fic (though the last part of Into The Darkness was Halloween themed). It's one of the meme fics as well, since bloodyhands requested zombie fic. It also follows on from the other zombie fics that I've done (so I've linked them though it's not necessary to have read them before this one).
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I walked slowly, ignoring the various sounds of screams that could still be heard from the remaining survivors. Most everyone here was fucked already, no point in me risking my life to save their skins. I looked around quickly, coming to a stop as I entered a porch to some non-descript house. The only thing of note out here was a kiddy pool with bloody water. I shook my head, pulling out my phone and tried again to contact Mikey. I was no fool, I knew he was probably already dead, or worse. Especially since he normally picked up his phone first time and never left it off. I shook my head as I heard nothing but the dial tone, switching it off and stuffing it back in my jacket pocket.

I resumed walking, keeping one hand on the handle of my pistol at all times. I tried to keep to the shadows, knowing it was my best bet. I kept walking, the building becoming taller as I headed closer to the center of town. I stopped when I heard louder screams, keeping perfectly still as a young male ran along the street ahead, pursued by a dog. I knew I could probably take care of the dog with one or two shots, but I didn't care to. I had no desire to gain any company.

The only comapny I would have minded was Mikey and it was too late or him now. I guess I should have warned him when the first people bitten had come into the hospital. I should have insisted he left town, going as far away from this place as possible. I shook my head, knowing there'd be time for such thoughts later.

I adjusted he messenger bag's strap on my shoulder, the small bag filled with the most important of my belonging's. Mostly these were pictures, my bank details, jewellery and a few other precious items. There were also a few extra bullets, twinkies, a bottle of beer, corporate files. Over my other shoulder was a small medkit, with bandages a first aid spray and a set of vials.

I heard a low groan and the tear of flesh followed by a scream, stopping at the next corner and peering around it. About twenty feet away I saw two men, one with a torn shirt which shown of his tattoos, the other having a large wound on his neck. They both had dark hair, the tattooed one with a shorter style. They were kneeling beside an unlucky soul, the pair of them taking turns to devour flesh from his open torso.

I sighed inwardly, knowing I probably couldn't make it across the street in time I decided to leave them, turning around on the spot and doubling back. I turned around the corner I'd passed awhile ago, entering the deserted street. The only the here was a car which had crashed into a lampost. The driver had been killed on impact, his head smashed against the post. They should count themselves lucky. I raised my gun, keeping my movements fairly slow and steady. When I shifted near the car, I realised the driver hadn't been alone. A man was crawling towards me, growling as he did so. Well, crawling was perhaps an overstatement, it was more like he was dragging since his legs had clearly been damaged by the crash. I aimed my gun from the head, shooting him right between his eyes. The body stilled, finally completely dead.

A few minutes later, I felt a soft buzz against my ear, my hand reaching to press the wireless earpiece there. "Hello?"I whispered softly, keeping my eyes sharp as I leaned against the wall.

"Mr Toro?" The voice was male, though it was soft.

I sighed in relief, looking up at the cloudless sky. I silently thanked whoever was up there. "Yeah?"

"There's a chopper going to land atop the city hospital. It will be landing in just under two hours. It will only wait for you for half an hour before leaving. This is your only way out. Do not approach any other corporation helicopter. They've been authorised to shoot on sight." I knew the line was dead as soon as the voice stopped talking.


An hour later I arrived at the hospital. Several of the ambulences had crashed into the building's walls and another was tipped on it's side. Clearly they'd picked up infected people, who had attacked the drivers of the vehicles. I shook my head, heading towards the building. This was probably going to be extremely difficult. I entered through the automatic doors, noting the large pools of blood around the room. Half eaten limbs and pieces of flesh were scattered among the expanse. Several bodies sat slumpered in the chairs, though they had clearly had too much of their bodies eaten fo the virus to reanimate them.

Behind the reception desk I saw the receptionist stand up, glaring at me with wild eyes. She tried to come at me, walking straight into the desk instead of going around it. Stupid fucking blonde.I shot her straight through the head, watching her blood splatter over the wall.

Fucking stupid bitch.

I walked down a corridor, heading towards the nearest stairs. The lights in here were flickering on and off, blood and body parts everywhere. There were low groans and screams from the echoing corridors, from both infected people and whoever remained alive. I was surprised anyone was still alive, though the more private wards could be sealed fairly well.

On the way to the hospital I'd seen other survivors running around. One was a blonde boy that was probably going to get himself killed, especially since he was calling into the dark for anyone to get him. Another were two men armed with shotguns, who didn't seem to notice me. I had a feeling they'd have shot me if they'd spotted me.

I pushed open the door to the stairwell, not risking using the elevator. as soon as I opened the door was confronted by two male nurses, their uniforms bloody. They both came towards me, though I managed to shot the blond through his eye socket. The other managed to get much closer to me, so punched him in the chest hard, making him stagger back enough to shoot him through the neck. As he dropped to the floor I started making my way up. Thankfully there was no more of them on the upper floors, though this stairwell didn't go all the wall to the roof.

With a heavy sigh I stopped at the third floor, reloading my pistol before going on. I pushed open the door, looking each way down the corridor before heading right. Up here was cleaner then down below and a makeshift barricade of stretchers ahead indicated that people had still been here at some point making a last stand.

"Ray! Oh god Ray you're alive!" I turned, seeing one of nurses before me who I vaguely recognised. He was some young kid from Chicago, with dark hair and a sly smile. He was a slut, fucking just about everyone in a closet or storeroom whenever he got a hard on. He was shaking, with an ax in his grip which he'd clearly had to defend himself. I considered for a moment if I should fuck him for old times sake. I glanced briefly at my watch and decided what I should do.

As he headed towards me, clearly eager to be around someone with a gun, I raised my weapon. I shout him in the knee, watching as he collapsed to the floor. "Ray! What the..." I silenced him by pushing the gun into his mouth, watching as his lips clampered around it in amusement before pulling the trigger.

I gripped him by the hair, dragging him into the nearest room, holstering my gun and undoing my fly quickly. I forced my cock into his open mouth, holding tightly onto his dark hair as I thrust down his dead throat. "Slut." I growled, the head of my cock brushing against the hole the bullet had made when it burrowed through his flesh. I looked down into his eyes, which had only the faint glimmer of the life that was formerly inside him. I'd been kind to him. Better that he die like this then become infected and lumber around.

I kept ramming down his throat, moaning in pleasure. Nothing like face fucking a corpse. My balls slapped against his chin repeatedly from the movement. I moaned low in my throat, bucking roughly against him. One last cum and I'd leave this place. I tipped my head back, shooting hard into his lifeless mouth. I pulled out, panting and quickly zipping myself up. "Goodbye dumb fuck." I kicked his body away, leaving him to rot in that room.

The chopper was already waiting for me when I arrived on the roof, after taking the emergency stairs. I smiled to myself, heading the short distance to it. I glanced back over the town, flames from small fires illuminating the darkened streets. Soon this place would be sanitised and all of this would be nothing.

"Good riddance." I muttered softly to myself, stepping onto the helicopter, leaving this all behind.
Tags: fall out boy, fic, my chemical romance, pete wentz, pete wentz/ray toro, ray toro, slash, zombie series
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