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don't look too hard

Earlier mum was being a bitch, but now she seems to have calmed down. I doubt she got the adipose though.

Happy Halloween!

Halloween so far hasn't been special. I'm just gonna put on a skirt. I've not been arsed with a costume cause I knew I'd be alone.

I have my pumpkin up here in front of my computer. Mum's just making pumpkin soup. Pumpkin's so tasteless though. On it's own.

I've still gotta watch Nightmare, which I will later tonight.

I've spent the day watching The X-Files mostly. My MCR calendar came today and it sorta annoys me cause the pictures aren't their proper colours.

My comp's being odd and has a fullyish memory. I wish I had an external hard drive. I wish they weren't so much.

Again, I'm sure I had something else to say, but it's lost on me.
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