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We're about to test our Death Star blower-upper gun

Warning: This post is liable to go in all kinds of directions. Like a blind guy firing a shotgun.

First, Heroes last night. Why is Hiro being evil? (and why is it so hot?) Sylar being good is weird. They should have sex.

Second, why's the Doctor gotta change so soon? And why at the end of the specials? Surely it would be better if it happened at the start or middle of the new series. Still he could always come back if the one left in the parallel universe is saved from Rose (though i'm sure he's doing Jack).

I dunno who I want to be the next one. Someone sexy and Welsh.

Next, dragons.
Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!
Adopt one today!Adopt one today!

The current The X-Files amuses me. I can here Sonic in the background of it. Sounds like Green hill Zone to me. I'm now on season 3 of the series.

The nice lady was in the Co-Op today and I'm now stocked up on Pepsi. Also got the Halloween Pooh dvd (though not the Heffalump one I wanted) to watch at some point with mum.

Mum's out. She's gonna get me Metal Hammer today and the cuddly Adipose tomorrow.

Kerrang yesterday's odd (and also nothing special). It's meant to have something with Frankie but I see nothing. Also... Jimmy is odd again. And Robb makes me wonder what he's done to his pubic hair. Typically, next week's one has a poster of Fightstar just after the signing. Stop fucking tying your hair back Omar, seriously.

I'm gonna write later. Maybe something for Halloween. Maybe the next part of The Brother In The Basement. I've no idea how long it's going to be and it's pretty directionless but that's part of the fun. I also wanna get back on Into The Darkness. It was gonna be just a token killing but I think I'll skip it and go to Omar's. I'll look over those meme fics too and try and make short things of them.

Tomorrow's Halloween. Yay! I'm gonna spend it watching at least nightmare. The plan was also to watch the Resident Evil trilogy but I'll see how it goes (if not I'll watch it tomorrow). I might look through my horror films for one to watch. Maybe I'll watch Saw 4 or Hostel.

I wonder what you need to be a Cryptozoologist.

I had a random thought on the way home. Would anyone have sex or be in a porn for money? I know I would.
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