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The Brother In The Basement Part 2

The Brother In The Basement
Pairing: Gerard Way/Mikey Way, Ray Toro/Bob Bryar
Rating: NC-17
POV: Gerard
Warnings: Scat, BDSM, crossdressing, implied cbt, rubber, watersports
Notes: So I did end up doing a second part (and I might do another one or two). I just couldn't resist. This was gonna be shorter but I ended up doing another bit to it.
Part 1

Part 2

Ray ran a hand through his dirty, dark brown curls, chewing on his thick lower lip. They had been down here for almost half an hour and he'd not said a word. For all that time he'd spent it just standing there. I looked at him, waiting a few more minutes before deciding to speak. "I'm Gerard." He jumped a little at the sound of my voice, looking right at me.

"I'm Ray." He smiled weakly, then paused, glancing around before speaking again. "Are you really his brother?"

"Yeah." I looked down at myself, Mikey's shit now dry on my skin. People were always surprised to know we were siblings, most likely because we barely shared any features. I returned my gaze to Ray, who was now staring at the floor. I could see the tip of his dick was swaying again and became completely enthralled by it. Mikey had trained me well. My dick twitched against the chain that held it, causing it to make a soft sound that Ray didn't seem to notice.

My cock staring was interrupted by a low buzz coming from the rubber form on the bed. Both of our heads turned in that direction, the rubber wiggling a little. It was obviously the vibrators that my brother had activated earlier. Ray shifted over to the rubber bound guy, stopping beside the ebd. He bent down, taking the hard dick between his black lips. I watched as his throat bulged from the end of the shaft, his head slowly bobbing up and down. The sight made my cock twitch again. Ray kept sucking a few more times before pulling off him fully, shifting back to where he stood as if nothing had happened.

I glanced at him, wondering if he'd done that on a whim or if there was some reasoning behind it. He bit his lip again, seemingly picking up on my unsaid thoughts before speaking. "He told me to suck him whenever he buzzed." He looked over at the rubebr form he'd pleasured. "He's got a cock ring on, so he can't cum."

"Know what he looks like?" I asked out of interest, studying the tight black rubber. I'd never seen anyone wrapped up like that before.

"No. I first saw him earlier, before your brother came down here and he was already like this." Clearly he had a degree of curiosity too.

I thought for a moment, then crawled across the room towards the bed. Like Ray, I stopped just beside it, but unlike him I reached out and stroked the rubber. He shown no sign of feeling it. I tilted my head, running my fingertips over the hood he wore, but again there was nothing. I shifted my hand to his dick, running my finger along the side of his thick shaft. He let out a low moan around the gag I was sure was in his mouth. I smiled, leaning down to kiss his tip before shifting away.

I turned my attention to Ray, seeing his cock shift beneath the skirt. I licked my lips hungrily, crawling towards him, the craving for his cock too much to bear. When he noticed my approach he took a step back, his heels causing him to wobble lightly. "He says you're not to go near my cock." I pouted at him, my eyes glued to his crotch.

I sighed softly, curling up in the basket that my brother insisted I sleep in and tried to get to sleep. I knew if I kept looking at Ray I'd be unable to resist him. Just before I attempted to sleep I heard the buzz of Bob's vibrators again and Ray moving to suck him. I turned my head back to watch the show, my own dick rock hard. This was one of those times when I wished the ring through my head was gone, then I'd be able to stroke myself. The only way I could cum now was from a guy hitting my spot just right enough times that it sent me over the edge. Most guys, once they knew they'd hit it once, did their best to avoid it the rest of the time.

Again Ray stopped, returning to his position, though this time he laid back against he wall. He closed his eyes, licking any remnants of Bob from his lips and seemed to drift off to sleep. I assumed he only remained standing so he could answer the call to suckle Bob.

I closed my eyes, joining him in his slumber.


I was awoke by a hard kick into my stomach, the familiar way for Mikey to awaken me. I let out a soft grunt, kissing my brother's boots. His kicks didn't really hurt much any more, even when he was booted. I blinked my eyes open, looking up at him. He looked as beautiful as always, his pants open as he pissed on me. I quickly closed my eyes just in time for the strong fluid to hit my eyelids, most of his hot stream landing in my mouth. I swallowed as much as I could, the remainder landing in my hair and dribbling down my chin.

When it subsided I opened my eyes again, seeing him tuck his dick away. I heard a low groan from the bed, glancing over to see Ray riding Bob's dick, his fishnet top torn slightly and his skirt discarded. His large dick bobbed with each movement of his ass. His perfect looking ass.

"Stop looking at them whore." Mikey growled, gripping my wet locks and forcing me to look only at him. "When I'm in the room, you can only look at those pieces of shit when I say so understand?" I nodded slowly, his words only making me want to turn to them more. He chuckled softly, slapping me hard across the face on a mere whim. I heard Ray groan again, but managed to resist the urge to look. "Good boy."

He pushed my face into my basket, growling as he circled me like a vulture. Every few step he'd hit me with either palm, fist or boot. Eventual I realised there was a pattern. Every time Ray made a sound he'd hit me. Each impact made my cock jerk and he knew it. Deep down I loved him treating me like this, chaining me up down here and whoring me out to whoever would have me.

I wondered if Ray and Bob would be permenant additions down here. I had a feeling they wouldn't be. After all, there wasn't enough room for all of us to properly entertain people. Perhaps there were rooms upstairs for them instead. Maybe they were just the beginning and Mikey would turn more guys in whores. Then again he was hard to predict. He had seemed quite content with just me and I'd no idea he was even considering getting others.

He stopped behind me, pushing two fingers into my ass roughly. He curved the two digits so they brushed my spot, his fingertips wiggling against it. I closed my eyes tightly to make sure I didn't unintentionally look at Bob and Ray. "Whore." He mumbled behind me, retreating his fingers to force in his ring finger. All of them squirmed against my spot, my cock leaking profusely with arousal. He spat on my back several times, slapping my ass hard after each time. Ray's groans became louder with each passing moment, making me even harder.

I bucked my hips against my basket, my eyes rolling back behind my eyelids. A few moments later I came over the material, the salty fluid sticking to my skin. I panted, pressing my head against the basket as he removed his slim fingers, rubbing them on my ass. "You may look now fucker."

I opened my eyes slightly, watching as Ray rode Bob hard. His large cock still bobbed, the tip wet with arousal. A ring around it's base ensured he wouldn't orgasm, just like Bob beneath him. I felt sorry for them, both unable to achieve the sweet bliss that I just had. Mikey clicked his fingers, but it failed to get Ray's attention. Probably, as he was panting so loudly. When that failed Mikey stepped around me, crossing the short distance to the bed with ease. He growed low in his throat, punching Ray hard in the face, his other hand tangling in the thick curls to pull him off. Blood trickled out of Ray's nose, but he offered no resistance as Mikey forced him to stand in those heels.

"Take the fuck up upstairs." Ray nodded, not wiping the thick blood from his face. He picked up Bob's rubber body, cradling it gently as he carried him up. Mikey smirked, turning back to me and kicking me swiftly in my fat belly. "I'll see you later whore." I watched him go, shifting down to lick the cum from the basket. I knew later would most likely mean tonight to collect the cash up.
Tags: bob bryar, bob bryar/ray toro, fic, gerard way, gerard way/mikey way, mikey way, my chemical romance, slash
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