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About as warm as a Breen winter

Before I get on with the actual post, there's something very important I must flail about.


Yay! It was so pretty! We were in Mcdonalds watching it and it just made me all happy inside. It rarely snows here and this is definately the earliest it has in like ever, but still... yay!

Global warming be damned.

Also, thanks to everyone who commented on my post about my accident. You're all so sweet, thank you.

Sean's amusing. He agrees that spiders are evil and he likes Mcfly. Why is it I have images of them now?

Sarah Jane yesterday was good. There was so much Luke and Cylde in it< 3. Both me and mum figured out Luke's sppecialness so... nuts to you Sarah Jane. I kept having images of Ianto walking out on Jack midway during sex.

Dead Set started last night. I thought it was good (though mum camein and was slightly annoying). Zombie!Davina's amusing.

Today we went to Birmingham. My knee was fine enough for it (though I hobbled and it hurts to crotch down and go up lots of stiars). The bad think was the train we went on was so full we had to stand. Damn British Rail not being prepared.

We had a nice day. I got Mikey's comic, some Star Wars cards and some Star Wars figures (the Ewok two pack, Ahsoka [mostly for Rotta], a super battle droid and Commander Cody). I got Mikey's present, so that's sorted. Mum got Casino Royale and we'll be watching it after The Simpsons.

Like I said we had Mcdoinaalds, and it was a pretty nice day. there was a cute ickle Wall-e vid playing in the Disney sho[p. Him +hula hoop=< 3

On Thursday I'm authorised to get Pooh's Halloween Heffalump Movie (or whatever it's called) when I get my money. He's just so cute looking. (And she's letting me get the QI book and jelly beans Tuesday.)
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