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The Brother In The Basement

The Brother In The Basement
Pairing: Gerard Way/Mikey Way
Rating: NC-17
POV: Mikey
Warnings: Scat, BDSM, crossdressing, implied cbt, rubber
Notes: Written as a one-shot, though might have a sequel

I stepped into my basement. The space used to be my brother's room, before I made him my own. There was still bits of his furniture lying around, though most had been moved upstairs. He lay in the corner, curled up in a ball. His pale body was covered in bruises. His little dick was pierced with a ring, which had a chain attached to it. The chain was secured to the wall. This was to ensure he wouldn't try to leave. I came over to him slowly, his head turning as he heard my footsteps. With a soft whimper he uncurled his body and moved his fat ass in my direction.

He opened his mouth, sticking his tongue out and trying to look sexy. I rolled my eyes aat him, almost disgusted by him. I was certain ashamed to call this whore my brother. That was exactly what he was. I reached for him, grabbing his hair and roughly yanking his head back. He released a low moan, his eyes meeting mine. I could see his cock was becoming hard between his legs, just from the sight of me.

"So slut, let's see how much you've made tonight." I walked towards his desk, pulling out a key from my pocket and unlocking the top drawer. I removed the notes from within, flicking through them and counting them up. "$250. That's much better then normal." I flashed him a smile, stuffing the bills down into the pocket of my leather pants, shutting the drawer. The drawer had a slot below the lock, where the bills were slipped into whenever a man had him. I left the street door to the basement unlocked for a few hours each night, allowing men to come and use him as they wished. There was no set price, they just paid however much they thought he was worth that night. Normally he serviced about four guys and earned about $200.

I returned to him, smiling down at his face. I was sure I could still see stains of white on his face. At least his whoreish nature meant I didn't have to work. I kicked him lightly, nodding for him to roll onto his back. He was a good boy, so he rolled did so, spreading his legs like the desperate little whore he was. I undid my fly, pushing my pants down to my knees. I squatted over his fat belly, closing my eyes as I pushed. I knew without sight that he smiled, reaching down ready to spread my filth over himself. I let out a soft gasp as my first log slipped out of my tight ring, falling down onto his skin. His fingers quickly rubbed it over his skin, covering the milky white with the deep brown waste. A second large one feel beside where the first did, then I shifted by and allowed the final ones to fall into his open mouth. I heard him chew and swallow, then felt his tongue swipe over my hole. After three times I stood again, pulling my pants back up and turning to examine his body.

He was quite plump, my shit now clinging to his pasty skin. Both his nipples were pierced with bars, which he'd cried like a bitch over. He was terrified of needles, which meant I'd had to be cruel to him by piercing him. I was considering piercing his tongue and balls now, perhaps I'd do both in one go. Bruises were apparent in various places on his skin, from men that had gotten rough with him. Apart from his face there was also white stains on his ass, the crack of which was quite dirty. After all there was no toilet down here, just a bucket in the corner which he made sure was empty before the night started.

He lay there, not moving as I circled him. I was aching hard, my dick twitching in my pants but I didn't want to use him just yet. I paused when I was between his legs, glancing at his hard cock. It was only a few inches long, though it was quite thick. His balls that hung below were roughly average size. I reached down, rolling them between my fingers. He purred softly, his tip becoming slightly shiny. He shifted a hand down, rubbing some of my shit into the thick, dark curls of his pubic hair.

Little slut. I kept playing with his sac for a few moments, noting the tiny holes on it where I'd pushed needles into it a few nights back on a whim. I smiled to myself, remembering how I'd turned his balls into a pincushion with all of them. His screams were so delicious. "All fours." I whispered, squeezing his balls hard before releasing them. He let out a soft cry, then shifted until he was in the position I wanted.

I undid my fly, pulling out my dick and aimed it between his large cheeks. I rammed hard into his his open asshole, amazed at how it still felt fairly tight even after all the fuckings. I gripped his cheeks, fucking him furiously. I didn't bother reaching around and pulling him off. A whore like him didn't deserve my hands around his cock. I pounded him roughly, scratching his flabby cheeks as I did so. I was close to orgasm already, the scent of shit always getting me off. Especially my own. With a low growl I came into his used hole, perhaps too soon. Then again, I had been teasing myself for the past hour, waiting for this moment, so I could be forgiven for cumming so soon.

I pulled out, slapping both of his ass cheeks hard before zipping myself up and stepping away. "Before I leave you for the night there's people you should meet." I stepped to the street door, twisting the lock to seal it. I didn't care if customer's watched me fucking him, but now was after hours. Even whore's like my brother needed rest. Gerard turned his head to watch me, clearly curious as to who the other people were.

I had decided to broarden my horizons a little. I stepped to the bottom of the stairs to the house, calling up. "Come." A man came down the stairs, dressed in a rubber miniskirt that barely hit his huge dick and a fishnet tank top. Apart from his dick his most obvious feature was his curly brown hair atop his head. In his arms he carried a bundle of rubber which was of course another man. The only pieces of his body that were visible was his nose and his thick dick. He carried the bundle across the room, dropping him onto the dirty bed that my brother only used during sex. Gerard looked at both of them, confusion clear in his hazel eyes.

"This slut is Ray." I nodded at the man standing, who was swaying on his high heels. He offered Gerard a small smile, his thick lips painted black. "The fuck up in the rubber is Bob." I heard a faint whimper from within, flicking a remote in my pocket which made the dildos in Bob's mouth and ass vibrate for a few seconds. "They are new whores." I smirked, kissing Ray's cheek before stepping away. "Get to know them better." I chuckled, back handing Ray hard enough to cause him to fall to the floor.

I went back up the stairs, glancing back at them one last time before shutting and locking the door. I was sure they'd make me a shitload more money when I put them in circulation.
Tags: fic, gerard way, gerard way/mikey way, mikey way, my chemical romance, slash
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