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Are you ready to jump?

It's cold again. I hate the fucking cold.

At least mum's gone and I have Pepsi, though I haven't opened it yet. Odd how I don't mind it being cold.

I spent most of yesterday in bed. I really hate I had no idea about an MCR thing that was on last night here. Especially since it was just Gerard and Bob. Cause Bob's awesome.

I need to try and find my ticket later. It might be awol.

Here are the pics I finally managed to do today. The ones of me all suck. I forgot to take ones of The Blackout stuff and didn't take a pic of what Mikey got me cause it's in a safe (now unreachable) place.

First: The cake

As I said before, it's a Clone Wars cake. It's quite nice.

With candles. Mum decided on two cause I was 22.

Now the presents. Ie the lego.

First is the Magnaguard fighter. The pics not the best but it's big and awesome. Partly causa the Magnaguards.

Second is the droid gunship (still minus the stickers). It's less awesome, but still pretty cool.

Next there's random pics

My computer screen, surrounded by Doctor Who cards. The flash picked em up well I think.

My newest Doctor Who figures. Doctor (with adipose), another Doctor (which came with cK-9), Natural Ood and Ood Sigma.

A close up of the adipose

The Kit Fisto bust

The Wampa bust

Kit and Dalek Sec

Now onto figures

The various Astromech droids

The Imperial Probe Droid

K-3P0, Chewie and Han

Grievous' starfighter that I had ages ago

Quarren Warrior, Clone Scuba trooper, Mon Calamari Knight

Kit and his R4 unit

Grievous and a battle droid

Obi-Wan and Lancer Droid

Clone Heavy Gunner, Senator Amidala (the white makes the shot bad), Saesee Tinn

Lastly, the pictures of me. Look away now.

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