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In Some Hotel Room

In Some Hotel Room
Pairing: Bill Kaulitz/Sean Smith
Rating: NC-17
POV: Sean
Warnings: BDSM
Notes: Another one for that meme thing. This one's for megan23451. Since there was no specific prompt I came up with this.

I glanced at Bill, his large hair slightly floppy now. Sweat made the dark strands cling to his skin. His hands were tied to the headboard. His twin had secured him in place awhile ago and there were telltale signs that he'd made use of him then. Bill only wore a collar and gloves, his dick semi-hard between his legs.

I stepped over to him, running a hand through my blonde hair as I approached him. He spread his legs wide, his eyes clearly desperate and lustful. He'd been gagged too, a large dildo protruding from out his pert cheeks. Again, those features were his twin's doing. However, I knew Tom preferred keeping the dildo in with leather straps and now they were slightly askew.

Regardless, I undid the straps, pulling out the shaft slowly. I rested it on bedside table, returning between his outstretched legs. My dick ached with arousal, my hand the only thing that had been wrapped around it for the past few days. Matthew hid from me, so I couldn't use any of his sweet holes. It made me anticipate this night even more.

I held onto his thighs, guiding my hardness for his ass. His tender hole was open wide from the shft, though the ring was twitching eagerly. I held him tighter, slamming into him roughly. I let out a low cry of pleasure, ramming in fully, pulling out and repeating the action. I shifted my hands over his small body, tweaking his nipples as I thrust in and out of him. He moaned behind the gag, bucking his body off the bed.

I decided to be kind, stroking his slim cock in a rough time to my thrusts. While I did that I lay over him, burying my head in his left armpit, licking at the slightly hairy, sweaty skin. I purred at the taste, his muscles clenching around me frequently. I licked over his neck, biting just below the collar before trailing my tongue over back to his armpit, inhaling his scent. He groaned behind his gag, climaxing over our chests.

My eyes lidded in pleasure, taking in the feeling of his tightening ass. I tried not to orgasm at the same time as him, though it was getting quite difficult. I tried to think unsexy thoughts to hold off, though all I saw was him. I pounded him rougher, scratching at the pale skin of his sides.

With a low growl I came inside his body, nipping at his shoulder as I did so. I kissed his gagged lips, sliding out of him slowly. I got off the bed, returning the dildo to it's position, licking my fingers clean. "Great fuck as always." I picked up my clothing, pulling each item on before leaving him, flicking the light off.
Tags: bill kaulitz, bill kaulitz/sean smith, fic, sean smith, slash, the blackout, tokio hotel
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