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Drawn In

Drawn In
Pairing: Bert Mccracken/Chadam, Bert Mccracken/Bob Bryar, Bert Mccracken/Gerard Way
Rating: NC-17
POV: Bert
Warnings: Nothing unusual... despite the pairing.
Notes: This has been in my head all day. I haven't been able to get rid of the idea, so here it is.

I looked at Gerard on his tour bus, watching as he stripped his clothes off. His body was pale and pasty, his stomach round, though not overly fat. I found it hard to keep my eyes on him though, my eyes darting from side to side. I'd felt like I'd been followed all day. Well, ever since we went offstage anyway. "Stop that! You're not being fucking followed." Gerard spoke in a low growl as he crossed the room towards me, his cock swaying slightly. I bit my lower lip, nodding slightly before he kissed me, his hands trailing down my sides.

Even as he pushed me to my knees in front of him, I still felt I was being watched.


Two days later I was still feeling uneasy. I'd been seeing strange shadows whenever I turned around, like a guy with a box head. I sighed, leaning against one of the tour buses. Maybe I was being paranoid, just like Gerard thought. I almost jumped out of my skin when I felt a hand on my shoulder, though as soon as I turned to face it's owner I realised it was just Bob. "Fancy some company?" He said with a smile, a lit cigarette dangling between his lips.

"Sure." I replied, my eyes trailing over his body. Bob was a real butch looking mountain man type of guy. If I was safe with anyone it'd be him. His blue eyes sparkled at my reply and he leaned against the bus beside me, offering me his pack of smokes. I pulled out one , placing it between my lips before he lit it for me. I could have done it myself, but I didn't mind at all that he did it for me.

There was a comfortable silence between us for awhile, both of us just lazily smoking side by side. Finally, he spoke up. "I hear you think you're being followed." I nodded in a response with a sigh and he patted my ass gently. "Don't worry, I'll protect you."

I smiled, pulling the cigarette from my lips long enough to kiss him on the cheek. I did feel much safer with him, perhaps because he looked like he could kick anyones ass. As I pulled away from his cheek though, I gasped, pointing down the length of the bus. "Look." There, standing just next to the rear of the bus was a man. He wore fairly a white shirt with dark pants and had a large box on his head. The box had a strange looking face, the eyes were long and either side of the front and there was also a mouth that appeared to be grinning. His left arm also looked really strange, almost tentacle like. "You can see that, right?"

Bob snorted and nodded. "Yeah. Why is it these tours always attract freaks?" He turned towards the thing and yelled at it, his hands at his sides balled into fists. "Fuck off!" It made a strange noise, then scampered off out of sight.

"My hero." I grinned and kissed him, grateful he'd scared it off. While I was worried that there was a potential freak following me, I quickly hid my fear, groping his crotch. "And you deserve a hero's reward."

"Oh yeah?" He raised an eyebrow, though I could see the lust in hs eyes. And feel his cock hardening in my hand. I took him by the hand, pulling him onto my tourbus.


For the rest of the tour I kept seeing it, at venue after venue. It didn't matter how far we travelled, it was there. Even after Warped I kept seeing it. Gerard thought I was only seeing it cause I was high or drunk so stopped answering my calls. Bob, the only one who believed me as he'd seen it too, had left now to join MCR. Jepha saw him too, though since he was drunk at the time, he assumed he was seeing things. Quinn and Branden had no real opinion, though Quinn was more inclined to listen to my ramblings and nod along.

Once we began work on the new album I was finally confronted by him.

I opened my eyes slightly as I heard a sound in my room. I jerked up, looking around the room, easily finding it's source. It was there, rummaging through my closet. "Hey!" It jumped slightly, turning to face me. This time it wasn't grinning, it actually looked shocked. Scarier, I was sure I saw it blink.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to wake you." I blinked, not expecting it to apologise for that.

"Why are you following me?"

"I... don't know." It took a step towards me, slightly unsteadily. "I''m drawn to you."

"What the fuck do you mean?" I didn't understand exactly what it meant by that. no, what he meant by that. The voice was definitely masculine, although it was quite soft.

"I'm not sure." He looked genuinely confused, his face appearing to scrunch up. "I thought there might be answers here, with you. it's took me weeks to work up the courage to come in here." He released something that sounded like a sigh, though it wasn't quite one. "So far I've found nothing." I bit my lower lip, looking him over as I'd done when I first saw him. He wore the same as he always did, something that I'd always found strange. "This is not my world! I wish I could understand why I keep being drawn to you, I really do." His eyes glimmered as he looked at me. "Maybe you know."

"I don't." I whispered softly, still not fully understanding him. "What are you, what's your name?"

"You wouldn't understand what I am." He spoke softly, shifting from one foot to another. "But my name is Chadam." I opened my mouth to tell him my name, but he cut me off with a wave of his human-looking arm. "I know you're Bert. You're not a typical human male. You take an excessive amount of harmful things and have a high sex drive."

"Yeah, yeah. I know who I am, thanks." It released a sound that sound like a giggle, then I tapped my lower lip in thought. "Perhaps you're drawn to me because of those things. Maybe you'd like to try them."

He blinked slightly, then inclined his head. "Perhaps you're right." I had no drugs or booze to hand, so I guessed I'd have to go for the last one on the list. I pulled the covers off me, exposing my naked body for him. He gasped in shock at my state, though since he'd been watching me for so long it shouldn't really be a surprise I slept naked.

"Drop the pants and come to bed." I smiled sweetly, petting the bed beside me. My dick was already half hard at the prospect. He came over, nervously removing his clothing,. He sat where I indicated, then lay back so I could get a good look at him. His body was the same cardboard colour as his head. His body was largely human-like, apart from his head of course and his right arm, which ended in strange, tentacle-like appendage. His cock looked much like Bob's as it was large and thick.

I was unsure of what we planned to do exactly, so I moved a hand to his body and felt his skin curiously. It felt strange, like an unusual cross between cardboard and skin. I shifted my hand lower, until i grasped his hard cock. This felt like a person's, whatever he had in place of blood pulsing through his veins. I stroked him slowly, working him to full arousal with my digits.

While he moaned I shifted my other hand under my pillow, pulling out the lube I found there. I used my teeth to pop open the lid, rolling on my side to squirt the wet substance along my ass crack. I pressed the tube against my back to close it, casting it aside. I worked my middle and fore fingers into me easily, the wet substance easing the entrance. I spread myself open, letting out low groans of my own as I pushed in my ring finger alongside them, flexing and curving the digits.

After a few moments I removed my fingers, lewdly sucking on them. I could taste myself on them, mixed with the sweat and the lube. I smiled in satisfaction, removing my hand from his dick as I shifted until my ass was above it. Holding onto his body, I lowered myself down on him, moaning like a cheap whore as he filled me. I tipped my head back so my messy hair cascaded down my back.

His eyes were wide, as was is mouth, as he moaned too, seemingly enjoying himself. I flashed him a grin, sliding up and down his length at a fairly rapid pace. His eyes rolled back in his head, his left hand grasping my cock I wrapped my fingers round his, showing him how to stroke. After a few moments, he took over, stroking me in hard, powerful motions.

I held onto his chest, using it as leverage for my ass movements. I clenched around him every other thrust, wanting him to cum so hard from his first fuck. I lightly scratched his chest, getting close to release just from his unpractised manhandling of my dick. My eyes lidded s he came, filling my ass with his fluids. I'd had a feeling he wouldn't take long from the start.

Thankfully he still touch me, his grip becoming a little tighter due to his orgasm. I came hard, splattering over his chest so hard it reached the base of his head. I rolled off him, absently wanting to see and taste him, though I suddenly felt extremely sleepy. I never felt tired after sex, it always made me a little wired. Maybe it was something in his cum.

I was out like a light before I could even mumble a thanks.


That was the last night I saw him, so I guessed sex was what drew him to me after all. I wouldn't forget him though. I'd describe him to Alex, who made drawings of him into the last albums logo. They'd even made an outfit for him. Still, sometimes I felt like he was still watching me.
Tags: bert mccracken, bert mccracken/bob bryar, bert mccracken/chadam, bert mccracken/gerard way, bob bryar, chadam, fic, gerard way, slash, the used
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