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Just Do It

Just Do It
Pairing: Frank Iero/James Dewees
POV: James
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Fisting
Notes: The first of the meme fics. I meant to post them in groups of three, but I figured doing each seperately's better. This is one of trollsttroll's. It's short as I've tried to make it short cause the meme only said drabbles so... it's longer then it's meant to be technically.

I watched as his little body squirmed on the bed, his ass pushing back against my prying fingers. I curled them inside him, before slowly working the trio of digits out. I smiled, then pressed my pinky finger and thumb against them and worked them into his opening. He moaned louder, clutching the bedsheets and wiggling against them. "Please... do it."

With my other hand pressed against the small of his back, I pushed my fingers in all the way. He let out a soft grunt, his back arching slightly from the pressure. I held him down as I watched my hand disappear into him, pushing it until his ring was clamped around my wrist. I soothingly stroked his skin, rotating my wrist slowly within him. He bucked against the bedsheets, his dick aching hard. If his hands weren't bound behind him I knew they'd be on his shaft, tugging on the hard flesh.

My own dick was hard between my legs, though I'd attend to it later. I curved my digits inside him, enjoying the incoherent moans that left his lips. I kept up the movement of my wrist, pressing my tips against his walls, seeking his spot. A deep, guttural cry left his lips as he arched his back, a sure sign I'd caught it. I kept working the area around it, manipulating it to work his orgasm out of him.

When his moans got louder, I picked up the underwear on the bed and stuffed the dirty, lacy panties into his mouth. I knew he'd just make more noise, and I didn't want any of the hotel's other gusts banging on the walls or complaining to the front desk. I chuckled as he growled around the material, but he soon settled, his eyes rolling into the back of his head. I smiled, wiggling my hand inside his soft insides.

His muffled cries became louder until he finally stiffened his back. He came over the bedsheets with a low howl. I slipped my hand out of him slowly, a sly smile on my lips as I knew he'd be servicing me soon. I raised my hand to my lips and flicked my tongue out to taste his various fluids.
Tags: fic, frankie iero, frankie iero/james dewees, james dewees, my chemical romance, slash
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