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Is that part of the retro?

I downloaded Super Mario Brothers last night on the Wii. When I was small it was classed as state of the art. I remember when I was little and I came back from school to find the NES set up and my grandad on it.

And now I've made myself sad, nice going me.

I'll go back on it in a few minutes.

I hate my cd drive. It hates certain cds and decides it won't copy them.

I've just got kerrang. It's largely not interesting. There's a poster of The used with pumpkins (but it's old so there's no Dan). They review the gig we went to, but they give it 3. Crazy people. Now I have images of Jimmy and Oli. Thanks Kerrang.

I tried writing last night but failed at it. I'll try finish what I did today.

Edit: Mikey, I finally watched all of that video. Poor Matthew, I just wanna squish him. Although yes, humpage is hot. Rhys is a drunk. Gavin looks good topless. James is scared of spiders and kills them. Yay! French sounds so funny in the Welsh accent. Sean looks scary with a gun.

I hate I died at the end of world 5 on Mario. Stupid fucking fire.
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