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The sights, the sounds

This is hot and makes me wish I'd been able to go to The Hub convention thing.

Mikey also sent me this video of The Blackout. I've only seen a little of it but it's hot. Humping and toplessness.

Otherwise today's been boring and I'm cold.

I went to bed after making the post last night. I feel uncreative today, cept for icons. I've tried to write, but just got a line done (or oen of those requested fics).

Has anyone got anymore pics of Bill Kaulitz's eyemake up? The one's I have I couldn't use for icons.

I didn't realise the first volume of Merlin was episodes 1-6. That means I'll probably get it. I've gotta chose an icon to use for it.

I'm sure I'd something else to say but I forgot.

I'm going back to watching Family Guy now.
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