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Last call on the waterfront

Thanks to all for the birthday wishes etc.

Today's been, as expected, eh.

The post came before I went and there was no cards. There was some cheap stuff I'd ordered to use upp what was left on the stupid card though.

Job Center was boring. The chick was nice but she's jsut for my interview so I know nothing. There was also a smell outside that made me wanna throw up.

So I've spent the rest of the day at home, watching Frasier and lying in bed in one of the skirt's. After getting a call from mum I built up the Magnaguard starfighter lego set, which took over an hour and is pretty cool.

Later I ate with mum while we watched Sarah Jane. The new one just made methink poor Luke for not having a proper birthday.

Then we had some of the cake, which was the Clone Wars one we got.

After that mum came up and we've been watching The X-Files and we drank. I coaxed her into letting me have one of the other lego setsm, so I built up the droid gunship for the past hour (although after missing a bit the stickers are awol too bah [just like the Battle Droid's rocket launcher]).

All in all today's been... well it has been eh. I'm at the age when birthday's start to be joyless (especially since neither present I had was wrapped up) and it's just us. I hate that it's now just fucking us. Things were so much better before everything went to hell. I think that's what get's to me most.

As expected, my uncle and cousins forgot completely. Even when mum called them bout something unrelated it wasn't bought up.

I'll take a few pics tomorrow. Maybe.
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