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Not another one

Wah I don't wanna be old.

I hate mum, she started a fight then said she hadn't started it. Meh. Now my head hurts again.

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!
Adopt one today!

Yay for getting one called Eicca!

Every week I'll be doing this now. Fics posted over the past week+:
Ray's New Whore Ray Toro/Bob Bryar [My Chemical Romance]
Till Last gareth Lawerence/Matthew Davies [The Blackout]
Into The Darkness Part 6 Jay James/Oli Sykes [Bullet For My Valentine/Bring Me The Horizon]
The Mic Swinging Gavin Butler/Sean Smith [The Blackout]
Dim Hotel Room Light Worm/James Dewees/Bob Bryar [My Chemical Romance]
Behind Lidded Eyes William Beckett (Gabe Saporta/Spencer Smith) [The Academy Is.../Cobra Starship/Panic! At The Disco]
Sealed Matt Tuck/Eicca Toppinen [Bullet For My Valentine/Apocalyptica]

I'm off now to hibernate through the day.
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