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Pairing: Matt Tuck/Eicca Toppinen
POV: Matt
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Rubber, BDSM, watersports
Notes: I started this on break at the course and finally finished it today. I've wanted to do this since I heard their collab, but more so since I saw them together on the dvd
Dedication: Thanks aergroupie for helping me

When I opened my eyes, I was met with nothing but darkness. I took deep breaths, well as deep as I could take in the constricting rubber suit. Although the hood surrounding my head was black, the suit was clear and slightly thicker. My whole body was covered in a layer of sweat, which was both slightly irritating and arousing. Since the rubber also held me in place all I could was wait. Wait for him.

Time was a concept lost on me in the dark, so I was always unsure how long I lay there.

Finally, I felt a pressure on the outside of the suit, clearly from him. My master. It felt like he was on sitting on me, though I was unsure due to the thickness of the rubber. He unzipped the front of my hood, so that he now had access to my mouth. His fingers probed my wet opening, my tongue quickly responding by lapping at the thick digits. My eyes lidded at the sweet taste of him, my dick throbbing. All too soon he withdrew them, making me whimper softly at the loss. The space his fingers occupied was soon refilled by a rubber length., which he forced much deeper then his fingers could go. I suckled on the shaft, giving it the same treatment I'd given his fingers. In fact, I probably did a better job, slurping at it as if it were flesh.

I felt the pressure on my chest shift away, a sure sign he was up to something. My mind raced with possibilities, though I knew most of them were unlikely. That, and I always seemed incapable of guessing what he had in mind. I felt the zipper close, sealing my filled mouth away. I waited, not feeling anything else for another undetermined period of time, though it was much shorter. While I lavished the dildo in my mouth wiuth attention, I felt something again. This time it was his hand on my crotch, fondling my erect, twitching cock through the rubber.

He kept grinding his plam against my crotch for a few moments, then shifted it up, stroking random places on my chest along his path. During his hand's winding journey, he managed to pinch the rubber above both my nipples, making me squirm and moan around the dildo. His hand stopped at my shoulder, where it left my body. I heard him undo a zip on the left side of my head, exposing my ear. "Hello Matt." He spoke softly in his heavily accented voice, sending a shiver down my spine. He preferred to call me by name rather then call me slut or whore. "How are you doing today?" He didn't expect a response, but I released a grunt anyway. "Good." He licked my ear lightly, purring softly. I could almost see his beautiful face in my lust-addled mind.

He shifted again, his hot breath leaving my ear as I guessed he stood. A few seconds later I heard a soft splashing sound accompanied by a sigh. I knew he was covering me in his sweet golden fluid. I inhaled the scent through the holes for my nostrils, wishing it was landing directly on my skin. I also wished, perhaps more, that I could see the torrent hit the rubber. When the sounds stopped, he undid the zip over my mouth, removing the dildo swiftly and replacing it with his soft cock. Even while soft his dick was still rather large, filling my mouth almost as fully as the dildo before it. I flicked my tongue over the head, collecting the remanants of his piss I found there.

I heard him groan, then he was gone again, his beautiful member far from my lips. I heard noise, then felt air at my asshole. The dildo I'd been sucking on was pushed between my cheeks, searching for my opening. He found it easily, shoving it into me all the way with practiced ease. A zip again sealed it in my body. He gave me a swift kick in the side, which made me release a low groan. Sometimes he liked to hurt me, often spending what felt like hours pummelling me with his fists and feet. Today the mere kick seemed to satisfy his urge.

There was another brief lull in activity, though I heard him as he moved around this time. Occasionally he made my body jerk by flicking on the vibrator within me. He didn't have to be near me to activate it, this one had a remote so that he could turn on whenever he wanted. It buzzed against my walls, making me squirm in arousal. After three short buzzes it changed so the head squirmed in small, slow circles. The tip rubbed against my spot, making my cock jerk in my confines. Just before I blew my load, he stopped it completely. I released a whimper, even though I knew stopping had been his intention all along.

His hands went to my head, removing the hood from me fully. I blinked my eyes as light overwhelmed them, despite said light actually being quite dim. It had been roughly two days since I'd seen light. My hair clung to the sides of my face due to the sweat that the heat of the rubber had produced. I twisted my head slightly, blinking both sweat from my eyes and to adjust to the light. I could make out the vague shape of his large body to my left. Slowly he came into focus, his blond hair hanging either side of his beautiful face.

He was completely naked, his thick cock erect between his legs. I smiled at him, my eyes darting to the clear rubber of my body, small yellow pools still on the surface. I returned my gaze to him, scanning his body hungrily. He rocked against the side of my suit, pressing himself up against me tight. I wanted him, I longed for him, so much it hurt. "Please... I need..."

He chuckled, undoing the zip at my ass and rolling me onto my side. The piss puddles on my suit shifted at the action, staining the sheets below me. The dildo was jerked from out of body with a soft pop and I knew it would be tossed carelessly aside. I let out a sigh of pleasure as it was replaced by his hard cock, which was slightly bigger in both length and girth. I groaned as he thrust inside me, his balls slapping against my ass as he filled me up completely.

He held onto my hair with one hand, roughly pulling on it as he started to pound me. I closed my eyes, tipping my head back a little. He loved to be rough with me, treating me like the whore I was inside. I moaned various swear words in Welsh, something I knew he adored even though he had no idea what I said. He responded in kind, speaking in his own tongue against my hair. He kept tugging on my locks, panting heavily against me. He kept pounding away at me, growling in between his mutterings.

He wrapped one arm around my waist, his fingers groping the area around my cock. It didn't take that much pressure for me to orgasm, coating the insides of the suit with my thick, sticky fluid. My muscles clenched tighter around him as I rode it out, though it didn't send him over the edge. He was so much better at holding off then I. He shifted his hand from my crotch, putting pressure on random areas of my torso instead, concentrating on my nipples and stomach.

He kept like that for several more thrusts, before he pulled out, zipping the suit and quickly rolling my onto my back. Thick shaft in hand, he sat on my upper chest, stroking himself in a blur of motion. I opened my mouth in prepation, awaiting what I knew was to come. I watched his dick twitch, the head shining with his lust. He tipped his head back, his hair cascading down his back as he let go after just five strokes. Some landed in my wide open mouth, but the first blast landed on my forehead and the last hit my left cheek.

He smiled down at me, swiping his tip over my lower lip. With his few hands he picked up the hood, leaving his fluid to dry on my skin as he sealed me back in the dark, where I'd stay until he wanted me again.
Tags: apocalyptica, bullet for my valentine, eicca toppinen, eicca toppinen/matt tuck, fic, matt tuck, slash
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