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What's going on down there?

Merlin last night was awesome. Cept for Lancelot leaving. That wasn't fair. He shoulda stayed for the Merlin/Arthur/him threesome fun. It was a relatively perverted episode in my mind.

I hated that I couldn't focus enough last night to finish the Eicca/Matt fic.

I also hate my dreams. My scary, scary dreams. Well, the first on e wasn't that bad (Arthur had found a Doctor Who book and was stroking a picture of a Host thinking it was a really angel). The second dream was the scary, deeply disturbing one. All I can recall about it is Mikey (Way) and Lyn-z (hence the deeply disturbing) were rimming each other and strapped together while Gerard watched.


Gerard's hair is now back to normal. I liked the red.

Bill Kaulitz looks really hot with eye makeup.

One of my dragons hatched, yay!

I'll finish the fic, post it and then look at the requested fic. I might only do one or two tonight, then the rest Tuesday onwards. That's when I'll also return to Into The Darkness.

I went to the co-op and the nice lady wwas there (I'll have to find out her name) and we had a little chat in an aisle before I went to the till, in which time she'd ran round to it and I got served by her. She's awesome.

Tonight I'll make another post around midnight, then disappear till... well, I'll probably do a post tomorrow, but won't properly be online cause I'll be in bed trying to sleep through the day. That and drinking.
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