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Behind Lidded Eyes

Behind Lidded Eyes
Pairing: William Beckett
POV: William
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Wanking
Notes: Short for anon again

I glanced around quickly, making sure I was alone. Satisfied, I undid my pants, slipping my fingers inside and pulling out my slender dick. I stroked myself slowly, closing my eyes and letting my mind wonder. I hadn't had any alone time in awhile, so I was desperate to jerk off. My mind was filled with various images, ones which made my cock jerk.

I saw Gabe, naked and fucking some boy into the mattress while I watched from some secret hiding place. The boy was never me, not in my head. I was always merely a watcher. Gabe fucked the boy with his large latino cock, making him cry out loudly. In pleasure, pain or a mix of the two I was unsure. I twisted my hand around my cock as I thought about the image. In my mind I shifted, trying to see who the lucky guy was. I could see his face now. Spencer.

I licked my lips, my sharp hips bucking up. I was almost there already. Behind my lidded eyes I saw Spencer shooting over his chest, his thick dick untouched by either of them. "You can cum now William." The Gabe in my mind spoke those words softly, yet clearly. As he did so I bucked my hips up hard, spurting over my stomach in thick creamy jets.

I lay back, panting heavily as I came down from my high. The sole thought in my head was thinking if I'd be able to convince them to have sex for me.
Tags: cobra starship, fic, gabe saporta, gabe saporta/spencer smith, panic! at the disco, slash, spencer smith, the academy is..., william beckett
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