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Say my name and his in the same breath

So today's been busy and I'm now very tired.

Obvious good thing first: course is over! Huzzahs!

Last night I got more Doctor Who cards. Most I'd already had. But I got a good super rare and Adipose! The joyful Adipose is so oddly powerful.

We went to Wolverhampton today. It was very tiring since mum decided to get my Christmas stuff in the 3 for 2. Lego boxes are heavy and prone to hit me. Sadly, the Woolworths there sucked. I didn't get three figures lieke I wanted. Instead I got the Hoth Recon Patrol (with Probe Droid, which I've always wanted) and two Doctor Who figures (Ood Sigma and the Natural Ood). There's Clone Wars tag things but the designs aren't that good. I got a pack just to find that out.

I went in Forbidden Planet and I managed to say something to the gorgeous emo boy there. Guh he's hot. The boxes he put up kept falling down on him. I got a little Wampa bust cause it's so big and also the Kit Fisto build a droid. As soon as I saw it I had to get it. Kit kickss fucking ass.

I got my ticket for Apocalyptica, the main purpose of the trip. Yay!

We had Macdonalds and mum got me he lightsaber toy. Yay. She's cool sometimes.

I'm tired now, well, my arms are that is.
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