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Dim Hotel Room Light

Dim Hotel Room Light
Pairing: Worm/James Dewees, Bob Bryar/James Dewees
POV: Bob
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Sex toys, facial
Notes: It's fairly short and I did it cause I think Worm and James both need more buttsex love.

I watched as Worm lay on the bed, sprawled out over the mattress completely naked. He looked so sexy, his large body glistening in a slight sheen of sweat. Between his thick legs sat James, his body also devoid of clothing, his fingers tracing circles over the man's skin. Worm wiggled, making soft purrs from the simple touches James gave him. Both were rock hard, though it was hard to see from my current position.

James bent down over Worm's body, darting his tongue out to lap at the sweaty skin of his chest. His fingers shifted to hold his large belly more securely as his lips engulfed Worm's left nipple. James glanced in my direction as he clearly sucked on the bud. Everything they were doing right now was a show for me. James wiggled his ass slightly, shifting from Worm's nipple to kiss a path lower.

I shifted on my seat, watching as James arrived at Worm's crotch, parting his lips to suckle on the thick tip. I palmed my own dick as James slid his lips down the full length. He bobbed his head up and down, stroking Worm's belly and thighs as he did so. I wrapped my fingers around my cock, stroking myself slowly.

Worm stroked a hand through the other man's dark hair, pushing him even more insistantly done on his cock. I watched and waited as James wiggled his ass again, his dick swaying between his legs from the movement. Soon I'd be pounding one of their asses, until I came deep inside him. Worm bucked up, his head tipped back against the pillows. He pulled James' head back just in time, shooting jets of pearly white liquid over his face.

As Worm panted heavily, I licked my lips, speaking for the first time. "Put this in him James, then come here." I tossed him a dildo, which landed on the bed beside them. James nodded, digging his fingers between Worm's cheeks to work him open. Worm groaned, writhing on the bed, letting out a low gasp as his fingers were jerked out and replaced by the purple shaft of the toy. He pushed it slowly into him, stopping when the flared base was pressed against his cheeks.

He turned to look at me for any further instruction and I responded up raising my finger and gesturing for him to come to me. He slipped off the bed, crawling towards me slowly. His face glistened slightly in the dim hotel room light. He stopped when he was a few inches in front of me. He looked up at me, awaiting again for me to speak. Instead I rotated my finger, watching him take the hint and turn around. I stood up, spreading his cheeks and thrusting hard into him. He didn't need prepping. Just a few hours ago, he'd had a cock larger then mine in his round ass.

I chuckled, scratching his cheeks while I rammed into him hard and fast, hearing him make low moans. "You may jerk off if you want." He nodded, his right hand instantly moving to his dick and strokes it rapidly. He hadn't came all day, the cock ring I'd attached to him last night had ensured that. Before he'd come to me he'd gotten fucked by two men, neither allowing him to orgasm from their pounding. I smiled, watching him as his body tensed after just a few tugs on his dick. His asshole clenched almost painfully tight around me as he released all across his belly.

I managed to hold back from my own orgasm, continuing to fuck his twitching ring. "You dirty little fucker. Can't even last five minutes with my dick inside you." I chuckled as he whimpered, pulling out almost all the way before thrusting back in. I gripped his hair, tugging his head back hard. "Tell me what you want bitch?"

He moaned, panting heavily as he began to speak. "Fuck me with your huge cock, please cum into my slutty little asshole. I need it so fucking bad. Please cum into me." He squeezed his muscles even tighter as he spoke, clearly wanting it as much as he said.

Five minutes was all it took and I gave him what he wanted. Hot splashes of cum coated his walls thickly. I pushed him away, gesturing him to go to Worm. I took deep breathes as he mounted the larger man, squatting over his face to allow him a taste. Worm eagerly spread his cheeks, tonguing the whole like he was french kissing it.

If I hadn't just came I knew I'd be hard again.
Tags: bob bryar, bob bryar/james dewees, fic, james dewees, james dewees/worm, my chemical romance, slash, worm
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