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Take a chance and roll the dice

I didn't go yesterday cause I was late waking up. Thankfully today was alright and the nice one was there. It seemed pointless cause there was only four of us there. Most of the time was spent doing maths thing. It wasn't too difficult. After (and during break) I ended up doing a redo of Matt/Eicca with just kink. I'll type it up/do more to it later.

There's a 3 for 2 on toys in Woolworths (I'm hoping to be able to take advantage of it tomorrow). It was practically cleared out today, annoyingly. Hopefully there'll be more there tomorrow or in the Wolverhampton one. I want either comic packs or figures.

Tomorrow I'll be getting my Apocalyptica ticket, which'll make me happy. Muym might not be coming after all. I'm unsure if that's good or not yet.

I hate that Novemeber will suck. Cause everything's happening then, a load of stuff's being released and Mikey's birthday, I won't have money to go around on everything. Fucking month.

I've got another reason why my birthday will suck: I have to go into the job center and I can't change it. I won't be messed about with it. I'll go in and come out again. As soon as I can.

I hate my fucking dumbass birthday.

What else do I hate? how I turn on Pokemon this morning (who knew it was on ITV4?) and all the voices are changed. Gods that fucking sucks. All the old voices were awesome, why'd they go?

Last night was Heroes. Sylar being 'good' is strange and Hiro's so adorable. I'm not impatient with it like Mikey though, I'm happy to go at my own pace with it (aka an ep or two behind Amrica).

I made an icon for Heroes, cause Hiro looks oddly hot stabbed.

We have the plumber in and downstairs is flooded slightly. Bah.

And am i the only one who wants to see Brendon singing a full version of Dance Dance?

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!
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