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The Mic Swinging

The Mic Swinging
Pairing: Sean Smith/Gavin Butler
Rating: NC-17
POV: Sean
Warnings: Bondage.
Notes: Written after (and because of) the recent gig

I gazed at Gavin, watching as he tried to swing the mic around like I did. He was practicing it and fuck did he need it. I was afraid of standing too close in case I got hit by it. I growled softly in annoyance, spinning my own effortlessly several times. On the third, I flung the mic at him, the cord wrapping around his wrists. "Hey!" He yelled out at my action, turning to face me.

I growled again, stepping towards him. "The mic swinging is my thing." I wrapped the cord around his wrists some more, then prised his own from between his fingers. I let it drop to the stage floor, igoring the thump it made as it hit the hard surface. I shifted until I stood before him, looking him right in the eyes. He opened his mouth to speak, but no words left his lips.

With a grin I kissed him roughly, sliding a hand under his t-shirt. I groped at his skin, pressing my fingertips into his large stomach. He moaned against my mouth, which allowed my tongue to enter and explore his mouth forcefully. He struggled slightly, but I just responded by pushing him backwards towards the stage set-up we had. I easily pushed him down over one of the ramps, getting on top of him and holding him him down. I gripped his bound wrists, shifting them above his head and securing the cord to a pole.

I left his lips, popping open the button of his fly with my fingers, rubbing my plam against his bulge. He whimpered softly, my digits slowly tugging down the zipper. I quickly pulled the flaps of material apart, exposing his boxer-clad cotch for my hungry eyes. I considered what to do with him, rubbing my hand against his erect and covered shaft. He moaned, squirming against the stage ramp's surface. I could tell that he'd submitted to me at this point, which was all too easy.

I pushed his trousers down all the way to his ankles, his underwear following a few moments later, freeing his erection. His dick was thick, the second largest of us all in that respect, and the smooth head was shining with precum. I ran a finger along one of the raised veins of his dick, trailing it around the exposed tip before retreating it.

I undid my own jeans slowly, shifting backwards to grab his discarded mic and return to him. I grinned at him, pushing his legs up until the knees pressed against his stomach. I used my other hand to wrap my mic cord around his legs and torso, keeping him in that position. He wiggled slightly again, but I just ignored him. I returned to my full height, swaying my hips to cause my jeans to drop, stepping out of them once the material arrived at my ankles. Unlike him I decided not to wear underwear, so my dick was free immediately.

I rolled him over, spitting on his cheeks once I did so. I watched the clear liquid slide down between his cheeks, waiting a few seconds before pushing a finger inside the crack. I easily found the wrinkled skin of his hole, forcing my finger into him roughly. He gasped, his body writhing slightly. "Stop acting like such a pussy Gavin. I know you've done this before." When he tried to shift away again I just forced the finger deeper and slapped his left cheek hard. "I know what's under your pillow." I could tell his face was slightly flushed now, even though I couldn't really see it. I spat on his ass again, adding another finger alongside the first. He groaned again, though this time he didn't try to retreat from me. I wiggled my two digits within him, working his hole open.

I removed them slowly, wiping the wetness that clung to them on his t-shirt. I pressed my dick between his hairy cheeks, running my tip along the cleft until I was at the same place my fingers had occupied moments before. I gripped his cheeks, ramming deep into him in one hard thrust. He cried out softly below me, the nails of his fingers digging into the opposite's palm.

I chuckled, pulling out and thrusting back into the tight heat of his asshole. I felt his ring twitch slightly around me, sucking me in deeper with each movement of my hips. Moans from both of us filled the vast empty space of the venue. I didn't care if any of the crew, our bandmates or members of the other bands found us. Instead of caring, I increased my speed, the sounds of my hips and balls slapping against Gavin becoming louder each time. I knew Gavin's boner had to ache for him now, but, again, I didn't give a fuck. He could wank later.

I pounded him, setting my own pace of erratic thrusts which only made sense in my head. I shifted my hands up and under his shirt, scratching at the skin I found either side of his spine. I started spitting on him every other thrust, watching as it landed on various places on his back and in his hair. I felt my stomach tighten slightly as his twitching insides brought me closer to orgasm. I dug my nails into his skin one final time. I jerked into him, tipping my head back as I came deep into him.

I pulled out quickly, panting as I removed my hands from him. I took his mic, pushing it deep into his asshole hearing him groan from it. I stepped back into my jeans, pulling them up and redoing them, untangling my mic from the pole and placing it in his hands. "Get yourself off." I turned and left him there, hoping one of the others would find him in that state.
Tags: fic, gavin butler, gavin butler/sean smith, sean smith, slash, the blackout
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