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Into The Darkness Part 6

Into The Darkness
Pairing: Jay James/Oli Sykes
POV: Jay
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Blood, gore, killing, cannibalism, necrophilia
Notes: I didn't originally intend to do a Halloween themed part, but this came so easily. So, here it is.
1: Charlie
2: Padge
3: Ian
4: Sean
5: Matt

6: Oli

"Boys and girls of every age, wouldn't you like to see something strange?" I moved around the darkened room quietly, singing the words softly as I lit candles. Some were in pumpkins, while others were carefully placed in the mouth's of heads. Streamers of various colours hung from the ceiling, mostly the shape of bats and all glinting slightly in the flickering candlelight. I occasionally ran my fingers through them as I shifted around the room. "Come with us and you will see this, our town of Halloween."

Everything I was doing was decoration, preparation for what was in the middle of the room. I was almost complete. "This is Halloween, this is Halloween. pumpkins scream in the dead of night." I added some more bones to the room, hooking some more arm bones onto the ceiling. there was already three legs, half a rib cage, an arm and one near-complete skeleton already here. There was no such thing as too many bones though. "This is Halloween, everybody make a scene. Trick of treat till the neighbors gonna die of fright."

I circled around the cage, a pumpkin and ghost clad table cloth covering it. Within was a boy I'd noticed two nights ago, who I'd knocked out and dragged back home. All of yesterday he'd been gagged, kept in his cage completely naked. He had a myriad of tattoos decorating his pale skin, all seemingly random. Some were ugly, some cute and some beautiful. Right now he was ungagged and at least partially awake. I heard muffled cries under the cloth and the rattling of the bars. "It's our town, everybody scream, in this town of Halloween."

I stopped before the cage, gripping the cloth in one hand and removing it in one fluid motion. I smirked at his frightened face as he shifted back a bit at the sudden increase in light. His hair was dark and messed up, his eyes wide as he saw me for the first time. I knew the darkness made me more intimidating. "I am the one hiding under your bed, teeth ground sharp and eyes glowing red."

I undid the cage door, reaching inside and gripping his pretty hair. I growled softly, dragging him out roughly by the soft locks. He struggled, but I easily pulled him out all the way before releasing him. I kicked him lightly, just enough to roll him onto his back, and stood above him. "Hello Oliver." He visibly winced and I was unsure if it was at me, my tone or the use of his full name. "I bet you're wondering why you're here." I waited for him to nod slowly before continuing. "It's Halloween. I want a plaything and that is you. You have five minutes." He scrambled to his feet and left the room, leaving me to chuckle to myself.

He had no chance of getting out. Pretty much every door was locked, so all he could do was run around in a circle. I watched the clock tick, hearing him run around futilely. True to my word, once five minutes had gone by, I went after him. I entered the dining area, hearing a soft whimper from under the table. Apparently he was useless at hiding. I reached under the wood, grabbing his arm and pulling him out. This time he tried harder to struggle, holding onto the table and chair legs. Each time he did a swift kick to his fingers caused him to let go with a yelp. Simple really.

I dragged him along the floor, back to the decorated living room. I easily lifted him up and dropped him onto the low table. I secured him down with the strategically placed straps. Satisfied, I left his side briefly and put on some music. Once the sounds of cellos emanated from the speakers, I returned to stand beside him. He looked at me, a mix of fear and hatred in his eyes. There was much more fear in those dark orbs.

I picked up a knife, watching as it glinted in the flickering light. "Right Oliver, or should I call you Oli? " He nodded at that, his eyes on the blade. "I assume you want to live for as long as possible. Let's see if you can." I ran the tip of the blade around the wings of the eagle on his chest, watching his reaction. "Ever sucked cock?"

He bit his lip, nodding very slightly, almost imperceptibly."How about we see how good you are with your mouth." I smirked, watching as he nodded wildly. He probably believed if he did well I might spare him. A common misconception. Still, guys in his position gave the most amazing head because they believed their lives depended on it. I moved to his head, undoing my black jeans to free my erect cock. I rubbed my head across his pretty lips. He was quite beautiful, though as I'd trailed him before taking him he seemed to be a bit of a twat. I pushed my cock into his mouth, his tongue flicking over my skin. My hands shifted to his hair, holding tightly onto it as I rolled my hips. With each movement my cock slipped deeper down his throat, his lips clamping tight around me. He increased the suction, his hands wiggling against the bonds holding them. I didn't concern myself with it, knowing it was a subconscious action to please me.

He kept his eyes open as he pleasured me with his mouth and tongue. I wished he had a pierced tongue to go with his lips. He parted them slightly wider, extending his tongue to press it against the wrinkled skin of my sac. I purred in pleasure, my eyes lidding slightly. I felt my stomach tighten slightly, my breath quickening as my orgasm neared. I growled softly, releasing a few thick blasts down his throat. Only when I felt him swallow did I pull back.

I wiped his spit in his hair, then tucked my softening cock away. "Mmm that wasn't so bad." I chuckled softly, walking slowly around his prone body. His dick was semi-hard against his stomach, the tip rubbing against the eagle tattoo. I considered which of his many tattoos were most worth taking, though I knew I'd flay him regardless. I knew it would be difficult to remove them separately from him, especially since the ones on his arms were grouped together in sleeves.

"You won't live past tonight." I whispered softly, watching the hope of survival die in his eyes. Satisfied, I ran my tongue over my lips slowly. "Let's see how long you can last." I started by cutting off his fingers at the first knuckle, working my way through them. I started with his left hand, going from little finger to thumb. Each time I severed one he let out a scream of pain. I smiled as the blood pooled around his left hand, his digits now resting on the glass a few millimetres from their former location. I moved to his opposite side, repeating the action with his right. Each finger had two tattoos on it. The ones on his right had letters which spelled out the word 'drop', while the left spelt 'dead', ironic considering that's what he'd be doing tonight. Between each letter and his nails were a different small symbol. These included a heart, lightning bolt and apple. I doubted they had any real meaning.

When his right thumb landed on the glass, I waited a few moments, just watching the thick liquid of his blood spreading out over the glass. I watched fat tears trail down his cheeks, random pleadings leaving his lips. Carefully I dug the tip of the blade into the skin of his arm, deep enough to go through the skin. Slowly and carefully, I moved the blade along his arm, carving through his skin in a fashion that did the least damage to his art. I stopped at the top of his shoulder, doing a careful circle around his arm to finish. Instead of removing the skin now, I left the cuts to bleed and shifted around him to repeat the actions on his other arm.

"Please stop... please." I chuckled, shaking my head slightly. The begging always amused me. I dragged the blade around the remaining areas of inked skin, doing the eagle first then the tattoos on his upper torso and lastly, his neck.

I plucked up my camera, switching my knife for it, and began taking pictures of him. I focused mostly on his blood outlined tattoos, though I also took pictures of his large nipples and flaccid dick. I'd taken pictures of him yesterday while he was unconscious, including some of his arsehole both before and after I'd fucked it. "Which is most important to you: your nipples or your genitals?"

While I waited for him to reply I took pictures of his face. To be honest I didn't expect any really answer from him, after all he was losing blood. When he didn't respond in any meaningful way, only managing a gargle, sob and half-growl, I set the camera down and got the knife, answering for him. "Both is it?" I circled each of his nipples with the knife's tip just like his tattoos. His cock and balls were a quicker matter, the blade easily slicing through the soft flesh. He was now crying out hysterically, though most of it was nonsense. The only words I made out was 'starlight'. His cock and balls fell to the glass with a soft thump, more blood seeping out around their former location.

I shifted around him, working the blade under the skin of his tattoos, prising it away from the muscle. I knew it was possible to remove all the skin from someone and still have them live, but that required a precision I knew I'd lack. It also required the subject unconscious. I removed the eagle from his belly, gently setting it on a separate table.

"I am the 'who' when you call 'who's there?' I am the wind blowing through your hair." I whispered softly as I removed each of his sleeve, undoing his wrist restraints to help with the process. "I am the shadow on the moon at night, filling your dreams to the brink with fright." I gazed at his face after setting the left sleeve beside the right, noting how his eyes were wide and glassy. A sign he was now quite dead. I smiled to myself, removing the tattoo on his upper chest carefully, despite there now being no need at all for me to do so.

"This is Halloween. This is Halloween! Halloween! Halloween! Halloween! Halloween! Halloween! Halloween!"
Tags: bring me the horizon, bullet for my valentine, fic, jay james, jay james/oli sykes, oli sykes, slash
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