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I still can't hit anything!

I'm still at home, cause I felt too tired to go in today. I'll go back tomorrow.

I'm writing the next part of Into The Darkness, which I'm happy with so far (though it's annoying I can't find pics of all the latest victim's tattoos). Once it's done I'll do the Sean/Gavin I started. I dunno what I'll do when both are done, probably another standalone or two. Maybe with Worm, Ray, Ben, Jimmy or Eicca.

Mum's arm's not broken, but it is swollen. So she's gotta take it easy (though of course, she won't).

The other Apocalyptica cd I ordered came while I was gone, so I've been randomly listening to tracks. I wanna see them now damnit.

I'm watching old school Simpsons now. Season 2 to be exact (which is scarily 18 years old, eeek).

I wanna see the last Clomne Wars ep damnit! Why isn't it online?

There's a new thing I want to watch when it's on called Dead Set. It has zombies.

About 3:10 in is the Sean/Matt kiss. The camera work isn't the best thrugh the rest of the song, but it captures the kiss perfectly.

That's me pretty much done now I think, so off I go to finish fic.

Edit: So I found the Clone Wars on youtube (why didn't I think to look there?).

Geeking out over it:
*A new four legged power droid (/toaster bot)
*Grievous being evil (so much so even the battle droids seem to have doubts)
*Nala Se is so cute
*Cool, massive manta rays
*Anyone else think the start seemed Empire Strikes Back like? With the Malevolence casting a shadow over the Venators.
*Additional yay for new R units and the Y-wing bombers

After I went and got milk from the co-op and the really nice, cool lady was there. She's funny and awesome. She liked my The Blackout t-shirt!
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