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The children of the night

I finally managed to see the new FOB video (on tv cause every online version I've tried to see was all skippy or something). They're so weird. The end's the weirdest. They're just... very strange, insane boys.

So yesterday was The Blackout. Before we went Mikey's Lego Batman came so we spent awhile on that.

We managed to get there ok (the Astoria's pretty straightforward to get to) and we had Mcdonalds. Why did they not have Happy Meal toys to yoink like Wednesday? Meanies.

Anyway we joined the line half hour before doors open. Behind us was a guy I thought was cool (but Mikey didn't). He'd good music, though the main reason I liked him was his tee. On the front it said something about being gay for The Blackout and on the back it said he'd suck Snoz's drumstick. Heee.

We went in and got merch. Mikey got me a tee, which is pretty and has the tour dates on (bar Birmingham's oddly). I really liked The Medic Droid (not just causa the name) and got the cd. I didn't go much on We Are The Ocean. Claire managed to arrive around then though, so it's all good.

Last was From First To Last who were pretty awesome. Matt looked Good (*snigger* ) and the keyboardest was crazy. Best of all, they played Ride The Wings and Sean came on (he'd been sitting watching for at least half the set). He did a bit of screaming and kissed Matt. Ahh I hope someone got a pic.

Last was The Blackout. They had a stage with a raised kit and ramps and stuff. Gavin kept jumping from beside the drumkit (has the chest infection made him want to hit his head?). Matthew kept staring at Sean (but also Gareth). Sean's been teaching Gavin his mic swinging thing, though he's not as good yet. They were so bouncy and awesome. And they also stole Bullet's lightbox idea. They played a new song (which I loved) and I Kissed A Girl. What is it with everyone and that song? Sean kept putting his hand down his pants, showing skin and generally being a tease/whore.

We're going to see Mirrors in awhile.
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