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I'm not supposed to know the difference between a power coupling and a computer terminal

So, we got here alright. We left at about 10:30 and got here around 7. Yep, a very long day.

We had a look round Birmingham and I overspent on cheap things. I got two Pokemon decks, some Star Wars cards, two Star Wars books (one only £1 causa Mcdonalds), my first Star Trek one, Rock Sound, a syringe pen and, best of all, a Kit Fisto bust. Yay!

We spent a lot of time travelling. The last part was the worst cause I got overheated and sickly. After all, I was carrying the heaviest bags and the train was too packed to sit most of the way. From Birmingham there was a crazy man talking to himself and laughing.

Anyway, we got here ok. I went on Pokemon a lot instead of writing. I kept listening to Apocalyptica on the pod. I love Quutamo and Ruska. Speaking of them I love these pics. Even though there's only one of Eicca.

Most likely I'll do some one-shots. Either with Ben, The Blackout, Jimmy or Eicca.

I got Kerrang. It's not brilliant. It annoys me that posters are back to back. The Used are also getting dirty on their new album (ah the thoughts in my head).

Rock Sound's cards are missing a load of people me and Mikey noticed. Where's FOB? Green Day? Muse? And a load of others.

I've got some stuff to read. By some I mean this fic.

That's all really. I'm not that interesting right?
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