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Well I was looking round on my comp and found this:
Pairing: Lee/Dunc/Ant
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Swearing, slash, gay sex
Disclaimer: Don't own em, if I did I'd never be online;)

Antony leaned back in his chair and stared at Duncan. 'Well, are you going to answer me?'
Duncan stared back at him. 'How can I answer when I don't know the question?'
Antony glared back at him, 'You know the question answer it!'
'Antony', Duncan said back coolly, 'I don't know what goes on in that fucked up head of yours, now do I? Just ask me the question.'
Antony looked around suspiciously. 'What if he hears?'
'What if who hears?' Duncan said slightly annoyed.
'Lee,' Antony replied simply.
'So what? Just say it anyway! He's probably asleep now anyway!'
'You know Lee as well as I do. He's probably on a caffeine high by now!' Antony replied clearly flusted. He looked at Duncan, leaned in close and said in a low tone, 'Do you think he's sexy?'
'LEE of course!'
Duncan stared at him, 'Why should I tell you?'
'Cause I'm curious is all. And I've seen the way you look at him or should that be gaze?'
Duncan sighed, 'Yeah I do OK?'
Antony giggled, 'I knew it!'
'Then why bother asking?'
'I wanted to be sure of it now I am.'
'Sure of what?'
'That I have competition for Lee of course!'
Duncan looked at him shocked, 'You love him to?'
'Yeah,' Ant blushed
'Well you can't have him! He's mine!' Dunk yelled.
'No! Remember he let me lick his ear!'
'So what! He's still mine!'
'Why not let Lee decide?' A smooth silky voice said from the corner of the room, 'After all he makes the decisions in his life.'
Antony glared at the voice, 'Who asked you!'
'I'm only telling you the truth,' Simon calmly responded back, 'You two may not have noticed but I've seen him gaze at both of you.'
'He does have a point.' Duncan whispered
'You say he stares at both of us?'
'Yes, I've seen it'
'When, where!' Ant asked.
Simon yawned, 'Sorry you two, I'm too tired to answer any more questions. Goodnight!'
'Wait Sy!' Dunk yelled.
He turned, 'What?'
'Where is Lee?'
Simon shrugged, 'It would be logical to check his bedroom first. Now goodnight!'
Simon left the confines of the room, shutting the door behind him.
Dunk and Ant looked at each other.
'Should we go?' Duncan asked already knowing the answer.
'Let's go!' Ant said.
The pair clambered up the stairs to Lee's room. Once there they knocked on the door.
'Lee! Open up it's us!' Dunk yelled
A few seconds later the door opened and there stood Lee wearing only a pair of boxers and a loose fitting T-shirt.
'Hey!' he said drowsily, 'What do you two want?'
'Do you mind if we come in? It's urgent!' Dunk said.
Lee yawned, 'Ok come in.'
They entered and Lee locked the door.
'So what's so urgent?'
'Which one of us do you like better?' Ant asked.
'What?' Lee said eyes widening.
'Look Lee we both want you. Simon said he's seen you look at us. We just want to know if you'll go with me, Ant or someone else.'
Lee looked bewildered, then grinned, 'You missed out one option there Dunky!'
'And which is that Lee?'
'What if I want both of ya!'
Ant snorted, 'Yeah like that'll ever happen.'
Lee looked, first at Dunc then at Ant and grinned, 'Only if you don't want it to!'
Dunc looked at him with widened eyes, 'Are you serious?'
'Yeah! Course I am! I can't decide between both of ya so if you're both game we could have a three-way thing! Whatdya think?'
'Yeah! I'm game!' Dunc said
'Yeah! Me too!' Ant agreed.
'Good,' Lee said 'We can start tonight then! That is if you two aren't tired!'
'Do ya think we'd come up here if we were tired!'
Lee grinned, 'Good! Now come on let's kiss!'
'But how?' Dunc asked.
'Don't you know how to kiss?'
'I know how to kiss one person but here there's two!'
'Well you can kiss me normally and Ant can kiss my neck!'
Dunc leaned in and took Lee's lips in a fierce kiss. Ant leaned in and sucked on Lee's neck.
Dunc's tongue begged for entrance to Lee's mouth and he responded by parting his lips slightly. As they did this Lee practically ripped Dunc's shirt off and teased his nipples. Ant chucked his shirt off and then moved down lower to unzip his fly, but Lee stopped him. So instead Ant decided to massage Lee's groin and was rewarded with a kiss-stifled groan from above. Dunc then thrust his hips forward trapping Ant's hand between the two. Ant wiggled his hand trying to get it out of the tight place, but his wiggling only elicited moans from above. Dunc and Lee's lips separated, the need for air finally over coming their passion. Dunc looked at Ant, then at Lee, 'Hey! You know what we could do?'
'What?' Lee panted out.
'We could get Ant too...' Dunc leaned forward and whispered the rest in Lee's ear.
Lee's eyes widened, 'We could... Ok Ant come here!'
Ant came closer to them, 'What?'
Dunc smiled, 'Kneel down Ant.'
'Just do it Ant and you'll get something from me!' Lee replied.
Ant knelt down and looked up at Lee, 'Well?'
'You have a mouth use it!'
'On what?'
Dunc rolled his eyes, 'Our fly’s you fool!'
'Ok calm down!'
'If I did you'd have nothing to suck on!'
'Hey! There's two of us you know.' Lee reminded
Ant leaned forward and took Lee's waistband in-between his teeth and pulled it down too his knees and then using his hands chucked them across the room. Ant stared at Lee's rock hard cock.
'Well don't just look at it! Take it!'
Ant took Lee's hard throbbing cock into his mouth slowly taking the head in first then, taking his whole shaft down his throat. Lee groaned.
'Hey!' Dunc yelled, 'What about me?'
Ant stopped sucking Lee and he whimpered.
'Shhh. I'll get back to you later.' he said to Lee.
He looked at Dunc and took his zipper in his mouth and slowly pulled it down. His hands pulled the jeans down and chucked them. He then progressed to take the waistband of Dunc's boxers into his mouth. He slowly pulled them down and chucked them too. He was then greeted by Dunc's very hard cock. He took it hungrily and sucked hard. Dunc groaned and put his hands in Ant's hair. Lee moaned at moved one of his hands down to jack off, but was stopped when Ant moved his hands there instead. He moved one hand up and down Lee's shaft and the other to massage Lee's balls. Lee groaned and leaned forward, kissing Dunc. Dunc groaned into Lee's mouth.
Lee separated, 'Ok Ant you can stop now.'
Ant looked up, giving him a begging look.
'Dunky, do you want to suck him or shall I?'
Ant moved his head back and Dunks saliva slick cock slipped out his mouth. Dunk looked at them, 'Ant stand up.' He said as he knelt down. Ant did so and Dunk moved his mouth to Ant's massive hard-on. Dunk leaned forward and kissed the tip before taking the head into his mouth. Ant groaned.
Lee moved a hand down to his own hardness and started to wank himself.
Dunk moved his head back and looked at Ant, 'Do you wanna cum?'
Ant nodded, 'Yeah! Please make me cum for you.'
Dunk smiled and resumed sucking.
Lee groaned, he was close to cumming himself. He looked at Ant, 'Do you want me to cum?'
Ant smiled as he groaned, 'Only in me or Dunky.'
Lee slowed his strokes, 'But I'm so close! And neither of you can suck me dry right now.'
Dunk moved his hand to stroke Lee's hard member, bringing him closer to the edge.
Dunk licked the precum off the tip of Ant's cock. Ant groaned as he came in Dunk's mouth. Dunk swallowed every last drop of Ant's warm cum.
Lee screamed as he came, his cum covering Dunk's hand as well as his own cock.
Dunk bought his cum covered hand up to Lee's mouth and Lee licked his own cum off Dunk's hand.
Dunk leaned down and licked Lee's softening cock clean and then looked at his own.
'Who wants me?' he asked.
Lee looked at him, 'I will.'
Lee got down in front of Dunc. Lee smiled as he took Dunk’s saliva covered cock into his mouth. Lee licked the precum from Dunc’s slit causing Dunk to moan. Duncan dug his fingers into Lee’s head. Ant moved so his cock rubbed the back of Lee’s head. Ant slid his hands around Dunk and slid his fingers along his crack. Dunk moaned and his hips bucked.
‘More Ant!’ He screamed.
Ant obliged sliding a finger past his crack searching for his opening. His fingers found Dunk’s hole and Ant began to finger him.
Dunk moaned, ‘I’m gonna cum!’
Lee played with Dunk’s balls and he stifled a scream as he cum. He drank all of Duncan’s cum.
Ant removed his fingers from Duncan’s ass and Lee stood up. Lee looked at Ant’s hard dick and licked his lips.
‘What do you want me to do about that?’ Lee asked seductively.
Ant looked at him, but Dunk butted in. ‘My ass is stretched, which of you wants it?’
Lee got there first. He pushed his hard dick into Duncan’s ass. Duncan moaned loudly.

Dunno if I should post it on britslash Maybe I should...
I might wait till after Falling Apart is finished.
Comments, suggestions are welcome.
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