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Till Last

Till Last
Pairing: Matthew Davies/Gareth Lawerence, others implied
Rating: NC-17
POV: Gareth
Warnings: Rubber, toys
Notes: Shorter then usual, I'm not sure why. I just wanted to do something with Matthew.

I gazed down at Matthew, stroking his soft brown hair. My dick was as hard as a rock, the tip rubbing against his lips. His own dick was encased in the rubber suit he wore. That was his, which he'd got on our first tour. He was such a kinky fucker. He had patches of dried cum on his pretty face from where he'd seen the others. He always came to me last, even if he went through support acts like tonight. His mitten-clad hands rubbed against my balls, while his tongue fluttered over my cock.

I let out a soft moan, pushing my dick into his mouth. His tongue kept lapping at me, while his mittened hands shifted to my ass. I kept my grip on his hair, rolling my hips against his face. I was unsure why he saved me for last, though I asssumed it was some save the best till last bullshit. Or maybe it was because I was the one that found out about his kinky side. It's hard to hide the buzz of a vibrator when you're sharing a room.

I bent down, running a hand own the back of the rubber suit. At times he wore a hood along with the suit, though I prefered him as he was without it. I liked stroking his hair, especially when I could feel the cum in it. I kept running my fingers of my other hand through his locks, using my right to undo the zipper at his ass, pulling it up a few inches. My fingertips slipped inside, twisting the end of the dildo within him. He gasped around me as the bright green toy started buzzing away within him. Satisfied, I redid the zip and concentrated on shifting my hips against his cute face.

His throat bulged slightly while he bobbed up and down my shaft. He felt wonderful, just like always. I could see him jerk his hips forward, the rubber shining in the light. I knew he'd get off just from the toy, staining the suit's insides with his sweet liquid. He squeezed his lips around me repeatedly, bringing me closer and closer. I could feel my sweat drip off my body onto him, my eyes rolling back slightly. "Oh fuck Matthew, you pretty little slut. Oh shit, you know just how to do it. Fuck!"

I graped his hair tight, moaning loudly into the empty space of the hotel room as I came. He swallowed every drop, his body quivering slightly as he pulled back and fell to the floor. I smiled and removed his mittens, leaving him to undo and wiggle out of his suit while I lay in bed and watched. "Thank you." I just about heard him whisper above the sound of the vibrator still inside him.

I smiled, but said nothing.
Tags: fic, gareth lawerence, gareth lawerence/matthew davies, matthew davies, slash, the blackout

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