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But I just got promoted!

Weird random fact: Last year I saw the Blackout. On the 10th. This year I'm seeing them on the 10th. That's just scary!

Now he's my rambling things.

First Sarah Jane (I can just see children everywhere becoming scared of clowns):
*The clown's creepy
*I hate Rani's dad
*I don't go much on her either
*Luke's adorable/hot
*Clown's now scare me a little

Now, the first two Clone Wars eps:
*Random Rodians!
*The battle droids are awesome! Just cause they're so funny
*I loved the coral-like nature of the moon (and the cute ickle bug things)
*Why does no one say Ventress' name?
*Why the hell is Yoda travelling with senate clone troopers?
*Battle droids vs Yoda.... such a unmatched fight... specially when the droids ask before firing
*Grievous is awesome too
*Plo's voice is deeper then I expected
*Ashoka is annoying me a little now. In the film she didn't bother me, now she is.
*Yay for 2-1B's!
*R2=love. Always

I want the next ep! With Kaminoans!

I'm gonna try write perhaps, before Lucky Number Slevin.
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