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And we'll paint by numbers

Today's been another eh day, after yesterday which was petty good.

I finally got the Clone Wars dowloading right, so tonight we'll be watching it (and I'll do a squee post over it at last).

Anyway, onto today. It was pretty eh cause the till's been messing up, which made my headache terrible again. Now I'm stuck in the stupid course building for the next two days and next week. It'll be alright if I'm with the new nice one. I don't think I'll be going back to the shop when the course is over.

At least a pretty came in who looked like a young Tomo.

We watched Nightmare Before Christmas today when I got back. I adore Zero. He's awesome he is. I know I'll be singing This Is Halloween for days to come.

Mikey's being adorable.

Sarah Jane's on again soon, so we'll be watching that.

Ahh online opinion things are funny. One option for leisure activities was 'eating out'. No lie.

Tonight I'm gonna try and write a little The Blackout fic with Matthew. Tomorrow I might do something for Into The Darkness. My mind is, once again, skipping to research for the last two parts. Stupid mind. Need to focus on the next part... which is undecided.

Poor Omar having a broken hand.
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