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Kyoto, the anagram lover's Tokyo

So yesterday was good cause I got my wallet back. After seeing nan and getting my wallet, I went to Cannock.

I only stayed at work two hours, after which I went to get stuff. First I went to Smiths, where I got the new Star Wars models thing and Clone Wars stickers. Then I went to Woolworths, where I got three figures (a Lancer Droid, Scuba Trooper and Mon Calamari Warrior), some cards for Mikey and a Star Wars comic. Lastly I went to get food from Iceland. (And then when I got back I got Mikey some gloves and Pepsi.)

Merlin was good. Ahh more Merlin/Arthurness.

Over the night we watched various things, mostly The Simpsons and Futurama.

I've been trying to download The Clone Wars episodes for ages now and it keeps pissing me off. Gah! Downloading annoys me.

I want Wednesday to hurry up for Rock Sound and Thursday for Mikey's.

Edit: Answers to this post

1: Eicca Toppinen
2: Bert Mccracken
3: Mikey Way
4: Padge
5: Jimmy Urine
6: Jay James
7: Ben Jorgenson
8: Sean Smith
9: Ray Toro
10: Spencer Smith
11: Dan Torelli
12: Gerard Way
13: Matt Tuck
14: Jepha Howard
15: Bob Bryar
16: Omar Abidi
17: Kit Fisto
18: Worm
19: Charlie Simpson
20: Ian Watkins

From antontobias86:

Five, eight and thirteen. If they had a threesome, which would be most likely to be left out while the other two get caught up with eachother?

Matt probably.It's so ironic you pick the Jimmy/Sean pairing cause I know it's in your head for some reason.

If you could see number nine dressed up in any outfit, what would you have them dressed in?

Does naked count? No? Damn... scchoolgirl then *nods*

From bloodyhands:

If 8 was hurt would 20 have done it or be the one to pick up the pieces.

Maybe a bit of both. It could go either way really.

Does 5 pick their nose?

It wouldn't surprise me.

If 8, 9, 13, 17 and 19 all had a gang bang, who would be the one to suck the most cock?

Sean or Matt. Maybe Charlie.

Who would be the best zombie?

Jay, Charlie or Bert.

Who would be the best zombie killer?

Bob, Ray or Kit.

Who would look the best dressed as a member of the opposite sex?

All of them:P Jay

From citrinecayda:

If 4 and 17 were kidnapped, which of them would be the first to come up with a way to escape? What would happen?

Kit, with his awesome force powers

Would 9 be liable to do something dumb-blondeish? If so, what?

Not really, it's Ray

Does 12 act more like a girl, or more like a guy?

Girl. Obviously.

From megan23451:

What would seven get thirteen for their birthday?

Honestly... I have no idea. Probably some sort of porn maybe. Or a sexy night.

Eight is a teensy bit drunk, and eleven is looking quite pretty right now. Will they try to get them home, or forget about it?

Fuck yes. Probably do it while sober too.

One has been turned into a zombie! o noes. D: Five has been told to get rid of them... do they go through with it?

Nah. I think Jimmy would want to fuck/get fucked by it.

From aerogroupie:

Four is walking along a street and sees 19 bending over to pick up something. Do they go by and give that sweet ass a grab?

Yep, definately

Twelve wants to dance. Does he dance with five standing in the corner or Two flirting with a couple of old men at the bar.

All of them

Fifteen is feeling fiesty. He wants Seven and wants him bad. Seven says no, but fifteen just wont accept that. Does he rape Seven or does Seven beat him down before het gets the chance?

Definate rapagage

One is a serial killer and next up on the list is Ten. Can Ten get away? Or is One just too strong

Spencer tries his best, but fails.
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